LIB'ing Legends

LIB’ING Legends: Ross Steeves

Each evening at Lightning in a Bottle there are a variety of art installations and interactive experiences that come alive, but in the early days it all started at the Jive Joint, with a championship looper by the name of Paul “Super Tall Paul” Newman and his friend, the theatrical dynamo, Ross “The Rossome” Steeves. Existing somewhere on the entertainment spectrum between PeeWee Herman and Jim Carrey, Rossome could easily be said to represent the backbone of experiential performance culture at festivals today. Where Super Tall Paul brings the musicality to the show, Ross stands apart as a veteran of the stage and a chameleon of caricatures with a penchant for immersive showmanship. His charismatic wackiness and knack for engaging the crowd make him a celebrated fan-favorite at the Jive Joint everywhere it goes. Plus, his intuitive read on the situation and his conversational way about the crowd is a constant source of laughter-packed memories that keep festival-goers at LIB coming back night after night for more.

LIBing Legend: Ross “The Rossome” Steeves - First Year at LIB: 2008 - Total Years at LIB: 7 years - Offering: JiveJoint

rossome3Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Rossome

Tell us about your first experience contributing at LIB.

My first time performing at LIB was with Super Tall Paul’s HELIOS JIVE. It was myself and Brendan McNamara. Our job was pretty simple-dress as stupid characters, play to the music and interact with the audience. We had been doing this only a few times on the street or in little venues. We had no idea how it would play at this festival, especially during the day, but it totally ended up being the best time ever!!! Some of my favorite memories are from performing or playing at LIB.


What do you think makes LIB different from other festivals?

No other festival has the feeling of warmth and positivity while being so friggin ding DANG fun in a non-cheesy way!!! Also, I love knowledge taught by the guest speakers.


What’s a piece of advice you would give to someone coming to LIB for the first time?

Get involved! Check out the interactive zones. Make new friends. Check out the Jive Joint!!!


If you could perform with anyone on the LIB’17 Lineup who would it be and why?

I dream of the fun I’d have singing along with W.C. Thornbush & The Great American Show….if only I could sing. I love the Grand Artique!!!


Describe LIB in three words or less.

Creation of culture.


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working my way thru the Groundlings Improv School to tighten my comedy chops. I’m looking forward to another year with the Jive Joint. Check us out on the facebook or the interwebs.

Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of the Rossome

In a new series by Do LaB, we take a walk down the immersive side of memory lane with the co-creating characters that have returned to Lightning in a Bottle time and again with a full-fledged world in tow. To hold onto those moments that transport us to other realms and deepen our connection to one another, we commemorate the greats who made them possible in a weekly interview series that we like to call LIBing Legends.

by: Graham Berry

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