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LIB’ING Legends: Shawni

teIn a new series by Do LaB, we take a walk down the spiritual side of memory lane with the presenters that have returned to share wisdom at Lightning in a Bottle time and again with the ideas and practices that move our bodies and lift our hearts. To hold onto those moments that expand our consciousness and deepen our connection to one another, we commemorate the teachers who made them possible in a weekly interview series that we like to call LIBing Legends.

With lessons from teachers from around the world and more than 15 years dedicated to learning the intricacies of meditation and yoga, few are more passionate or inspired in Pranayam, Yoga Nidra and Mantra quite like Shawni. With a long list of far away cultures visited, Shawni offers her students a unique experience that molds various disciplines together into a liberating workout chock full of personality. As an emerging DJ and acoustic musician with Shawni and the Forest People, she also brings with her an acute sense of synchronicity with the elements of music that inspire movements. By channeling these skills through her practice, Shawni turns stretches into spiritual experiences with mindful meditations and frequent poses that are known to deliver both function and form.

To learn more about her unique style we caught up with Shawni and she took some time to tell us about her first time at LIB, her music and she even offered a little sneak peek into the lesson she’s preparing for Lightning in a Bottle.

LIBing Legend: Shawni  - First Year at LIB: 2010 - Total Years at LIB: 6 years – Offering: Yoga / MusicShawni2

Tell us about your first experience contributing at LIB.

The 1st experience was absolutely great! I had the pleasure of teaching a yoga class and I played by myself at the Lumi Cafe Stage. The class was full of people, even people up from the night before that brought their beers with them in case they got thirsty. 🙂

What do you think makes LIB different from other festivals?

I am a devoted fan of LIB because the Do Lab really goes out of their way to make it a wonder city. It is like a dream, and every space is so beautifully crafted. The wide range of offerings accommodates everyone’s taste, from the more spiritual people that like to wonder at night through the festival, sit by a fire and maybe stop by an inspiring show or for those who like to keep the dance floors hot in the electronic stages!!! It is also so well organized that I do not have enough amazing words to say about it!!

What can guests expect to learn at your class this year?

This year I want to teach people what we are really doing when we are practicing yoga! I want to explain the mind clearly and show how we are working with it to focus it inward… Everyone feels amazing after yoga and I want to share with people why this is so, so they can take something valuable with them to their practice back home! My class will be tailored to connect to our higher mind, the inner teacher we sometimes follow 🙂

Where can we most likely find you at LIB when you’re not presenting on stage, speaking in a workshop or teaching a class?

I looove to wander at night through the festival and find the magical, gentle acts that inspire my soul. I also love dancing so I tend to check the Woogie stage or the Favela Bar for some Deep House (I also DJ there). There are so many hidden pockets that I like to walk around and explore!!

Describe LIB in three words or less.


What are you currently working on?

I am currently teaching yoga and meditation privately.  I love working one-on-one with my students. My sessions can include Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, introspection, etc… I tailor them to my student’s needs and in that way we can be much more detailed with the practice and the results we seek.

I also teach some group classes in Los Feliz.

I am currently organizing a Silent Retreat, as I have just returned from India from being immersed in meditation and in  silence myself.  I believe a weekend of silence and practice could be of great benefit to everyone but special to busy Angelinos.  Silence is a special and unique teacher.

My band Shawni & the Forest People is getting ready to play a show at Hotel Cafe and for festival season coming up!  We are writing new songs as India has inspired me greatly, once more!

I am also collaborating on Deep House tracks with several artists around the world, and on an experimental album coming from the UK.  I have some DJ gigs coming up and my biggest one so far, not sure I can share where yet. As a healer, I’m also interested in exploring the potential my music could have to help those in our nations prisons.

I have two little projects brewing up inside of me… I will share one… It has to do with mantras 🙂

For Yoga/ Meditation: 


I’m playing at Hotel Cafe March 6th with my acoustic band “Shawni & the Forest People” and I have a number of other shows coming up soon. I just released a new song on Xlr8r with 23rd Dimension too.

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For Music info:

Shawni Music Website




by: Graham Berry

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