Lightning Team Applications

Love the magic of LIB, and want to learn what it’s like behind the scenes? Do you want to be a part of a community of artists, builders and performers but not sure how to get involved? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions our Lightning Team/Work Exchange may be for you. There are limited spots available, but if you are accepted, you will be required to purchase a deposit ticket for $280 (the same as the general admission price) that will be refunded after you complete all of your shifts. To apply, please fill out this form below and pay the nominal $5 processing fee (PayPal account or credit card required).


This application is for the Lightning Team.

If you are looking specifically for Green Team opportunities, please use this application.

  • WHAT IS THE LIGHTNING TEAM? The Lightning Team is the Work Exchange team for Lightning in a Bottle. They work behind the scenes, supporting the department managers to produce the festival, to keep it clean, and to tear it all down when it is over.
  • WHAT DO I GET FOR BEING ON THE LIGHTNING TEAM? You get to say you were a part of producing the Greenest Festival 4 times running in the United States, and to see behind the scenes of how Do Lab operates. It is a rewarding experience to produce a transformational festival and to give the festivalgoers the best LiB yet! In exchange for your valuable time working with us, you will receive a festival pass, a Lightning Team t-shirt, 2 shower vouchers, and 2 food vendor tickets. (Those working pre or post event get free showers and meals each day they are working).
  • HOW TO GET ON THE LIGHTNING TEAM: Apply through our website. Applications will be up February  1st. There is a $5 non-refundable application processing fee. Please read through the details carefully. Please only apply for those positions that you really want, and list the professional experience that would qualify you for the position you are applying for.



  • DO YOU NEED TO PURCHASE A TICKET? You do not need to purchase a general ticket. If you are accepted, you will be sent a link to purchase your Lightning Team deposit ticket for $270, and will be fully refunded upon completion of the event after you have completed all of your shifts.
  • WHAT IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED A TICKET? If you are accepted, then send us your ticket confirmation purchase. We will refund that, and you will need to purchase a Lightning Team deposit ticket instead to be on the team.
  • AGE REQUIREMENT: You MUST be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying to be considered for the team. No exceptions.
  • DOES FILLING OUT AN APPLICATION GUARANTEE ME A SPOT ON THE TEAM? We have thousands of applicants, and select based on those who have worked with us before in good standing, and with previous or relevant festival experience. We have a limited number of positions, so please only apply if you are qualified to be on our team.
  • HOW DO I INCREASE MY CHANCES OF BEING ACCEPTED? By having previous festival experience and filling out the form accurately and following directions. Applicants with previous festival experience will be considered first.
  • DO I GET TO CAMP WITH FRIENDS, OR DO I HAVE TO CAMP WITH LIGHTNING TEAM ONLY? For pre event positions, we have a Lightning Team camp so you can connect with your teammates. During the event, you are free to camp in any general camping area.
  • DO I GET CAR/RV CAMPING FOR BEING ON THE LIGHTNING TEAM? No. You must purchase a car or RV camping pass separately if you would like one.
  • DO WE GET TIME TO PLAY AT LIB TOO? Yes! You are free to enjoy the festival when you are off shift, provided that you get adequate rest to perform your duties, and you must show up on-time and sober for your shifts.
  • CAN I WORK IN MULTIPLE DEPARTMENTS? No. You can only work in one department.
  • WHY IS A DEPOSIT TICKET REQUIRED? As collateral for you showing up for your shifts. Provided you show up on time, sober, and as agreed upon to your shifts, you will be fully refunded after the event for your deposit ticket.
  • DOES WORKING ON THE LIGHTNING TEAM HELP ME TO GET ON STAFF FOR FUTURE EVENTS? While being on the Lightning Team is it own intregal part of the event, it does not guarantee we will have a spot to hire you on as staff for future events. If we see you doing a great job, it does increase your chances of being hired, should a position become available that we see you are qualified for.
  • WHAT IF I AM ACCEPTED AND NEED TO CANCEL? If you have been accepted to be on this year’s Lightning Team and need to cancel, you have until May 1, 2017 to do so in order to be refunded your deposit ticket.


  1. Apply on our website with your $5 non-refundable application processing fee.
  2. Wait a couple of weeks to hear back from us.
  3. If you are accepted, you will receive a link to purchase your Lightning Team deposit ticket for $270.
  4. After we receive your deposit, you will be sent a link to schedule your Lightning Team shifts in the department we assign you to based on your skills, experience, and our needs.
  5. Receive confirmation of your schedule.
  6. Work your scheduled shifts onsite.
  7. Get refunded within 2 weeks after the event for working your scheduled shifts.

Apply and Pay the $5 Application Fee Here

Featured Photo by Aaron Glassman


by: Graham Berry