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Content Partner Spotlight: Living Village Culture


Living Village Culture is a collective of educators and creatives dedicated to bridging art, immersive experience and activism to build awareness, strengthen relations and align in service with each other, the planet and the Sacred. Our work is to explore and shape the culture that emerges when we all come together from diverse walks of life with imagination and reverence.


After years spent in global underground festivals and community living, we have found that the best way to influence culture is to make it ourselves. We do this by producing educational environments within festival culture, as well as independent retreats, symposiums, performances and media to create transformative, spirit-based experiences. This work nurtures connection and collaboration within the growing network of planetary activists, weaving a web that is more than the sum of its parts.



What does Living Village Culture do?

Community Organizing

Includes education and fundraising for local and global activist causes, creating community ritual and ceremony, producing educational events and hosting visiting elders and mentors.


Cultural Liaison between LIB and Symbiosis and local Indigenous Nations

Building relations with and offering meaningful acknowledgment to the Peoples whose unceded territory our gatherings are honored to take place upon.


Content Curation, Production Leads for The Compass at LIB

Connecting cultural visionaries and thought leaders to the people who want to play a part in creating positive change in the world.


Elemental Alchemy Ritual Performance Immersive at Oregon Eclipse

In this 5 day intensive, we explore the nuanced craft of Ritual and Performance, an ancient cross-cultural practice bridging the performative catharsis and creative expression of the stage with the profound transformation and multi-dimensional healing of ceremony.


Ritual Directors and Cultural Ambassadors for Symbiosis Gathering

Bringing Elders and Mentors from many cultural traditions to share their teachings, as well as creating and facilitating community ritual.


Serpent Path Retreats

Evolutionary skill building and applied ritual practice in an immersive retreat featuring an integral approach to purpose work combined with nourishing self-care.


The Last Supper Club

Our farm to table dining experience, with each feast focused around a specific theme, combining theatrical expression and interactive elements celebrating food as a powerful cultural container for our deepest stories.


How to get involved:

Come find us at the Compass! We will be holding down the production of this exciting new zone of LIB throughout the festival and would love meet you and always welcome support. Many of our favorite collaborators were found there!


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by: Graham Berry