Why Moms Love LIB

Women, and in particular, Moms, make the world go ’round. That’s a fact. So in honor of Mother’s Day and moms around the world, we asked some of the mom’s of our staff members to tell us what they love most about LIB.

Here are their answers…

Marianne Flemming

Mother of: Jesse, Josh and Dede Flemming – Do LaB Founders

My experience at LIB has always been wonderful. I have done a variety of jobs over the years filling in wherever there is a need. I find the creative energy and the positive vibe to be transforming and it stays with me for months after I return home. The interactive areas , yoga, workshops, and the learning kitchen are inspiring as well. I have met and worked with several other moms at the event and we all have the same admiration for the accomplishments of our children . If there are any mothers out there who are considering attending, I highly recommend you take that step forward, it is quite an experience and definitely a memory maker.

Gretchen Shannon

Mother of: Jesse “Y2” Shannon – Executive Producer & Marketing Director

As a mom of one of the founders of Lightning in A Bottle, I enjoy the experience at LIB first, as a source of pride and accomplishment to what these young people have created and carried on as sons and daughters of the great ecology and progressive movement of the late sixties and seventies. As an elder who has experienced the festival, I smile from beginning to end at the festival’s vibe, beauty and engagement with fellow goers.  It’s a beautiful thing.  You can quote me on that!







Francyne Kunkle

Mother of: Megan Perez-Carpenter – Assistant Music Director

After the first time I went to LIB, I came home and I got a sticky note and wrote: art , music , community and love. Those are all the things I want in my life and found all of those things at LIB. Even though I’m older when I walk past the Thunder stage I can’t help but dance! The thumping music slays me! I was worried about camping in the sound, but my body was happily moving to the music while I slept. I love the high five bridge an the way it makes people interact and make contact with their community. The Learning Kitchen , Woogie Stage, the Funkiness of Grand Artique, there is so much to love at LIB. Even camping in close proximity on top of each other is fun- meeting people on the way to and from everything. Music, love, art, community- that’s what LIB is to me.  I can’t wait to be there! Less clothes, more water this year!




Christine Cantrall

Mother of: Caroline Cantrall – Social Media Coordinator

Last year was our first LIB and we had a great time. The area music wise I liked best was the Favela. I liked climbing up in the tree house and looking down in the crowd dancing. The music there to me had the most soul. I also enjoyed the art pieces and meditation lookout. We didn’t find the live music stage until the end and I wish we would have had more time to check that out as well as the Amori’s Casino. The most stand out item to me overall was the good vibe and loving community.








Rosaura Castillo

Mother of: Karo Salinas –  Artist Hospitality Manager & Marketing Coordinator

LIB is beautiful during the day and absolutely enchanting at night! The lights, environments and details create another world. I love the people, the vibes, and friendly energy. Everywhere you look people are smiling. It brings me a lot of happiness and peace to be in a place like this. Walking around and taking in all of the Big Art, paintings, sculptures and ornate details is my favorite. To simply walk and take it all in. Musically, the Woogie is my favorite. Reminds me of the music of my youth and it makes me dance!

The organization of the event is impressive. I used to think concerts and festivals were chaotic or disorganized. LIB changed that for me. After years of receiving an invitation from my daughter, I’m glad I finally went in 2013. To see so many thousands of people caring about putting recycling and trash in its right place moved me. To see what else is possible in large groups of people cooperating with one another and creating an amazing celebration.


Mother of: Kevin Rowell – Operations Director

LIB is total fun! I love the creativity- and the good energy you feel everywhere is so special. Of course, I love seeing and experiencing what my son works so hard on, but really seeing all of the other people express themselves in costumes, perfomance and art is so joyous!