6. Wu Wei

6. Wu Wei

Wu-Wei23 year old Josh, or Wu Wei (pronounced “Woo-Way”) derives his name from the Taoist path of non-action. From his home in Humboldt, he taps into the universal frequency, striving to remind humanity of our fundamental unity by bringing these melodies to the physical realm. He has spent recent years perfecting his alignment with the rhythms of the natural world.

His sound is a combination of ambient IDM and the earthy bass of futuristic world hip-hop. He mixes in a variety of unique nature sounds and orchestral instruments only furthering his musics synchronization with the universe and our common unity.

He is a member of Bass or Death Records and works frequently with the Humboldt Bass Crew. In the last year he’s played at a variety of west coast street fairs, clubs, festivals, and hit his stride on the Playa, playing at the Sacred Spaces Burning Man camp. As he gears up to bring his conscious vibrations and transformational sound to LIB, we know it is a place where both will be undeniably appreciated.

Latest Music: Syncretic EP -
Untitled Document