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The Official First Timers Guide To LIB

Lightning in a Bottle is a special place and for many who attend it’s their first festival adventure. With elements from Burning Man, Coachella and other gatherings all over the world LIB fuses live art, music, workshops and movement classes to create a fully immersive experience unlike anything else. There is no shortage of fun to be had either, whether you’re into dancing to your favorite DJs all night long or you’d rather be stretching at a sunrise yoga class there’s something for everyone here. To make the most of all the excitement ahead, check out this handy guide for a few helpful tips for any first-timers spending Memorial Day with Do LaB.

Buy Your Ticket

You’re not getting very far without this one checked off your to-do list. Since we’re expecting to sell out again this year we encourage you to pickup a ticket soon. Get your tickets here.

Check Your Car

If you’re driving to LIB, make sure your car is in good shape the terrain can be a bit tricky at times especially if you’re car camping. There aren’t too many gas stations nearby so plan to have enough gas in the tank when you arrive (and depart) to last a solid couple hours on the road. Carpooling is a great way to get to the festival with the whole crew intact. It can also reduce your carbon footprint. You can save on gas costs too! Want to go even a step further? Check out our Lightning Bus tickets.

Come Prepared

walking with stuff - zetterstrom

Image Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom

Lightning in a Bottle is held at the Lake San Antonio Recreation Center, with rolling hills, bridges over small valleys and all sorts of terrain, so bringing a few extra items will go a long way. A wagon (& rope/bungee cord to tie down your stuff!) is great to help haul your camping equipment or heavier bags up and down any hills on the way to your site. Bring refillable water bottles like a canteen or a camelback to refill at one of the many water refill stations. Also bring a shade structure to help keep you cool at camp.

Listen to New Music

From techno to trap there is truly something for everyone. Visit the house heavy Woogie stage, or the bass inspired lineup at the lightning stage. Try to check out artists and acts you haven’t seen or heard of. Each stage has a unique vibe and draw. You never know what you’ll find or hear on the auditory adventure.

Bring Lighting

From your campsite, to your tent, and on you. Light goes a long way on those late night missions from your camp to friend’s sites or stages. Headlamps, handheld flashlights can also be helpful to keep it lit in the dark.

Go With It

There is so much happening all the time at Lightning in a Bottle. Take the chance and go with the flow, if you’re having an awesome conversation take the time to finish it, try to move away from a set schedule and places you have to be and try to embrace the adventure and follow what inspires you and catches your eye.

Try a Workshop

workshops----zetterstromPhoto Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom

LIB has an awesome lineup of movement classes like yoga, and dance taught by world class instructors. The top notch offering of speakers and teachers cover different subjects, art forms and disciplines. Everything from cooking healthy meals to learning how to grow your own food, try to find a workshop during the day and give it a try. You will be surprised with what you come away with.

Express Yourself

The warmer days and cooler nights give you the opportunity to wear awesome costumes and outfits. Let your creative genius take over, from decking out your camp with lights and tapestries to costumes and fur coats, bring creativity to your experience and it will add a new dimension to the adventure.

Mark Your Campsite

The campgrounds are a large place, campsites and tents can be hard to find in busier sections. Bring flags and lights to separate your site, and make it easy to find throughout the weekend.

Leave No Trace

The idea comes from the Burning Man Principles of leaving the venue as if we were never there. Respecting the environment and leaving behind no MOOP (matter out of place), or discarded pieces of your camp. There are plenty of trash cans all around the venue that have designated bins for recycling, compost and waste. Trying to leave the venue better a core tenet of the LIB culture.

Party with a Purpose


Photo Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom

For many, Lightning in A Bottle is a container for growth and new experiences, so check out a permaculture event or a panel discussion on healthy eating. Set an intention and use your time here as an opportunity to learn about others, the world and yourself.

Now that your ready for an incredible LIB make sure you have your ticket before they’re all gone!



Featured Image Credit: Dan Krauss

by: Jonathan Akbari

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