Participant Feedback from LIB 2017

It was a pivotal year for Lightning in a Bottle! For some, it was a return to former glory and for others, it upped the ante with incredible art on an all-new level. With more changes in offerings and operations at LIB than ever, 2017 was not without its share of challenges. But in struggle we learn and in learning we grow. To understand more about our continued growth and the experiences shared at LIB this year, we asked for feedback from the participants and Do crews that made it all possible and as you may expect the memories that resonated most from the festival were born out of the moments that are made when we come together. Want a few highlights of all this memorable magic? Just peruse the quotes below for a few first-hand accounts of the many wonders that make LIB so special.

We asked “What did you enjoy most about LIB?”.

Here’s what the good people of LIB had to say.

“The people. Every single attendee was just amazing people, everyone looked out for each other. The curation of music was the best I’ve ever seen at a festival. Long sets mean that people aren’t rushing around to get from stage to stage, and it allows you to just take your time and enjoy yourself.”

— A People Person, Burbank CA

Photo by Guru Khalsa


“It’s hard to pick one thing that stands out amongst it all, but I think the best thing about LiB is always the community. I became closer to my friends, made new ones, and fell even more deeply in love with my boyfriend. I love the sense of absolute freedom and acceptance that I always feel at LiB. Coming back, I always strive to be a better person.”

— Closer to Community, Tucson AZ

“The flow fire circle was absolutely unreal. Seeing everyone flow and the community around it was eye opening. I bought my first flow toy this weekend and hope to light it up at LIB next year and this 100% because of the Fire Flow Circle at LIB.”

— Falling for Flow, Bloomington IN

“The vibe. I have never been somewhere so stimulating yet so chill, kind, and relaxed!”

— The Vibe Enthusiast, Chino CA

Photo by Guru Khalsa

“This year the structures and work put into the festival blew my mind. I can see how much work and dedication goes into this festival and I appreciate it so much. I enjoyed the yoga being closer to where I camped in oasis this year as well.”

— Mind Blown, Los Angeles CA

“All the emphasis on consciousness, as always. My best experience was actually finding my wallet at Lost & Found with all my money still inside of it. That said A LOT for me. Thank you for your amazing team.”

— Lost & Found, Beverly Hills

“I literally had one of the best weekends of my life.”

— The Weekender, San Diego CA

“Bringing my friends who had never been to the festival before. Their reactions made my day everyday. Not to mention I had just as an amazing and freeing time as the first LIB I experienced.”

— The Ambassador, Santa Barbara


Photo by Guru Khalsa

“Even though I missed a lot of the musical artists, I feel like  I invested my time wisely in furthering my education on ideals and a way of life I hope to achieve.  Every year before LIB has been a big party for me with great people but I see a whole new light and hope to volunteer next year.  I really hope I can one day bring information to a mass just as this festival has done for me.”

— The Idealist, Orangevale CA


“All the mega structure upgrades, and big installation art, it really was set apart and stood out from prior years. I absolutely love the new Pagoda bar, I spent almost as much time there as the main stages. Boogaloo Camp was also a fantastic addition to the campgrounds and I spent a lot of late hours there as well. I’ve been 6 years in a row now, and I love how the sense of community keeps getting bigger and stronger.”

— 6th Sense, Burbank CA

“I really enjoyed the clean environment. I am a longtime festival goer and I was just completely shook at the fact that all the LIB goes are so environmentally conscious as oppose to go-er of other festivals who literally trash the place. I hope that other festivals will learn from the Do LaB.”

— Green Dreamer, Santa Maria CA

Photo by Guru Khalsa

What’s the Press Saying?

“I had more friendly conversations with strangers in three days than I’d probably had over the previous six months.”

— Andy Hermann, The LA Weekly


“In the Neverland that is LIB we connect viscerally as we move through each other. We form a constant river of consciousness: flowing over bridges, brushing hands in gentle high-fives, respectfully shifting through the crowd to rejoin your friends. Here we do not just numbly pass from one task to the next, so glued to our screen we barely look up. Rather, we reach out, touch, and say, “Hello, I’m here. See me.” And the gentle release happens when you trust that finally you are seen. You are heard. You are in a safe space. You are free.”

— Carolyne DeBlois, Deep House Amsterdam


“For fans seeking the opportunity to step out of the mainstream Coachella, Outside Lands festival comfort zone, LIB has undoubtedly become the entryway to the future of festivals.”

— Ryan Rosenthal, Earmilk

All Photos by Guru Khalsa

by: Graham Berry