Partner Spotlight: Bioneers


Bioneers is an annual conference bringing together scientific innovators with a shared desire to create environmental solutions and social change.

Bioneers is both a nonprofit educational organization and a hub of scientific innovation. At its national and local conferences of the same name, Bioneers features an array of “breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet” (Source: Bioneers Website). According to the website, upon being founded in 1990 by Santa Fe by Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, “Bioneers has acted as a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.” Their academic leaning events are complemented by an award-winning radio series and book series. They even had a hand in Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent film, The 11th Hour. 

The Six Programs of Bioneers Include:


What does a Bioneer Do?

Revolution from the Heart of Nature

Through their free radio program, Bioneers:Revolution from the Heart of Nature, an annual 13-part radio and audio series the non-profit also offers timely discussions on a range of breakthrough topics, including: biomimicry, ecological design, social and racial justice, women’s leadership, ecological medicine, indigenous knowledge, spirituality and psychology. Listeners who tune in can hear some of the most compelling interviews and dynamic presentations from the Bioneers Conference archives.

Revolution from the Heart of nature is also available via iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.


Bioneers Resilient Communities Network

The Bioneers Resilient Communities Network beams live broadcasts to media partners all over the world in a concerted effort to stimulate sharing and organizing around ground-breaking solutions that can create a positive impact in local and regional communities. Through a variety of radio outlets and nine Bioneers hubs across the United Stages alone, the group cultivates ideas for social and environmental change to serve both as a lighthouse for thought leaders and an educational waterhole for academics and activists alike.


Bioneers Youth Program

The Bioneers Youth Program offers teens and young adults opportunities to become involved in the initiatives and causes discussed at Bioneers. In other words, Bioneers isn’t just a hub for ideas, it’s also a springboard for activation that catapults the inspired right into a real-life opportunity to make a difference.

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Source: Bioneers Website

by: Graham Berry