Presenting the LIB 2017 Performer Showcase

The Furies LA

An equilibrium of sensuality and strength, power and grace, technique and improvisation, The Furies LA is a unique dance collective specializing in entertainment and production. From ballet to break dancing, martial arts to cirque arts, The Furies LA is a melting pot of the top movement masters in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2011, this adventurous group of friends, driven by their shared passion for dance, dedicated themselves to the exploration of dance fusion, martial arts, aerial acrobatics and fire spinning.

Set time: Sunday 6:45-7 p.m. @ Beacon + Sunday 9:15-9:30 p.m. @ Thunder stage

Photo Courtesy of Flight Crew

Flight Crew Jump Rope

Flight Crew Jump Rope combines world-class precision jump rope moves with upbeat music, modern dance, high-flying acrobatics, tons of energy and a whole lot of fun. You won’t want to miss this.

Set time: Friday 10:25-10:40 p.m. @ Lightning stage + Salon on Saturday 3:30-7:30 p.m. @ Woogie Peninsula facing the stage

Photo by Watchara


Bijoulette is an interactive, sexy, sophisticated, singing and dancing clown troupe that makes every event an unforgettable experience.

Set time: Friday to Sunday 3-7 p.m. @ Mega Skee Ball

Photo Courtesy of Dragon Knights Stilt Show

Dragon Knights Stilt Show

Dragon Knights is an innovative, performing group who inspires audience’s imaginations by building inventive human powered art vehicles and oversized creatures on stilt to interact with audiences. The troupe is a group of acrobats, actors, dancers, puppeteers, stilt artists and musicians that captivate spectators all over the world by mixing together their disciplines on stilt or on wheels.

Set time: Roaming on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Photo Courtesy of MOOPsquad


Integrating theater, dance, public service announcements, and interactive games, the MOOPsquad is committed to encouraging others to LEAVE NO TRACE by bringing awareness to MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). MOOPagents and their large support network are on a mission to inspire behavioral change worldwide. We are cultural warriors branding an identity of litter consciousness. We empower people to take control of their environment in an effort to inspire change through the ripple effect. We love to play and invite YOU to join us!

Set time: Roaming on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Photo by Kyer Wiltshire

Love in the Fire

Lester and Samantha unite their passion for fire and dance to bring you a mesmerizing fire performance you are sure to remember.

Set time: Sunday 10:45-11 p.m. @ Thunder stage

Photo Courtesy of the Sacred G’s

The Sacred G’s

Vo Vera & Anthony Kelly of The Sacred G’s present: The Illuminated G’s. Fusing urban dance styles with intentional movement, their LED suit set will literally light up your night. Both of the G’s compete, instruct, choreograph dance works and perform for Hip Hop events and music/art/yoga festivals throughout the US and in Europe. They are dance faculty at Arizona State University and Maricopa County Community Colleges. Highlights include dancing for RedBull, Microsoft, PayPal, Budlight, Yahoo! and the NBA half-time show. 

Set time: Friday 10:45-11 p.m. @ Thunder stage

Photo Courtesy of Kikimora Studio

Kikimora Studio

Olga Saretsky is a designer of elaborate, abstract live statue characters that she makes by hand at her studio located in Miami. Freelance professional performers join Olga’s company named Kikimora Studio to perform multiple characters at art events and celebrations. Olga not only creates the design but also creates specific movements for each character inspired by classic mime, contemporary dance and circus acts.

Set time: Friday 9:45-10 p.m. @  Beacon + Saturday 2:45-3 a.m. @ Crossroads + Roaming Sunday

Photo courtesy of Fou Fou Ha!

Fou Fou Ha!

Fashionista trixter performance art thrown in a gender blender with a twist of Neo-Vaudeville and a dash of party-monster.

Set time: Friday-Sunday 2-8 p.m. @ Do-Over! Beauty Salon & Barber Shop

Photo by Watchara

La Sirenes

Part interactive alchemists and part living myths, La Sirenes aim to shift perspectives through innovative performance art and provocative choreography. Their one of a kind performances are known to break down social barriers and shatter understandings, leaving all who revel in the experience they offer with an opportunity to bond around a shared affinity for breath-taking culture where charismatic grace meets mesmerizing style.

Set time: Friday-Sunday 2-8 p.m. @ Do-Over! Beauty Salon & Barber Shop

Photo Courtesy of Flamboozle


flÄmboOzle is a group of versatile hip hop dancers from the Los Angeles dance community who use fire and visual effects to create ground breaking performances. Fire has never before been used in this way to enrich the movement of urban dance styles. flÄmboOzle is innovating the concept of fire dancing by mixing elaborate, powerful choreography with unconventional fire effects.  

Set time: Saturday 9:15-9:30 p.m. @ Thunder stage

Photo Courtesy of There Goes the Neighborhood

There Goes The Neighborhood

There Goes The Neighborhood is a professional dance troupe from Los Angeles created by Lucent Dossier Choreographer Sheldon “KNG” Springs and John “Vantage Stylez” Gibbons. Members Casey Frey, Lindiwe Rose, Taja Davis and Brian “Bquel” Smith have danced for artists such as Will i am & Fergie as well as commercials for Gillette, Vitamin Water and Verizon wireless.  They’ve danced at some other epic festivals such as Symbiosis, Coachella, and of course, their home base, Lightning In A Bottle!

Set time: Friday 9:30-9:45 p.m. + Sunday 6:15-6:30 p.m. @ Thunder stage

Photo Courtesy of Cena Stardust

Cena Stardust

Cena Stardust, the brainchild of Celina Anderson, is a Southern California-based Performance Artist who specializes in multi-medium dance mysticism. Cena’s journey into radical self-expression leads her to the path of movement meditation. What began out of pure curiosity transformed into a soaring spiritual experience that Cena was determined to share with her community. She continues to deepen her practice of flow through ritualistic dance, avante garde storytelling, and interactive performance art.

Set time: Thursday 12:45-1:00 a.m. @ Craft

Featured Image Courtesy of The Furies 

by: Karla Hernandez