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Presenting Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol

At Lightning in a Bottle, we strive to stretch your imagination and your body. The opportunity to move is not only on the dance floor, it’s right there on your yoga mat, on the soles of your feet, and palms of your hands. We invite you to find your center with world-class teachers beneath the shade of our brand new beautiful structures, Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol.

We are honored to host a roster of esteemed movement practitioners, each well seasoned in their practice, and excited to support you on your journey. Yoga, movement, and meditation are staples of the LIB experience. Come ignite your fire, practice outside in nature, and learn from the best. You’ll find Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ecstatic dance, Sound healing, and more. Classes are available from the early morning through the evening in our two inviting movement spaces, Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol. Anytime you feel called to your yoga mat, someone will be there to welcome you.


Complete List of Yoga Offerings

Amanda Hamm – Prepare For The Party: Yoga And Breathwork
Andre Sandoval
Andrew Sealy – Acro Yoga 101
Antonio Sausys
April Taylor – Yoga Time: A Class For Kids & Families
Arianna Gouveia – Bone Breathing Chi Kung For Yin Energy Cultivation With Ari.G
Arianna Gouveia – Chingon Qigong – Buddha Palms Moving Meditation
Aubrey And Caitlin – Instagram Influencer
Brian Campbell – Exploring A Struggle-free Lifestyle
Cristi Christensen – Sunset Electronic Flow W/Dj Sol Rising
Cristi Christensen And Marques Wyatt – Deep Exhale
Daniel Ward
Dj Dakini – Ecstatic Dance
Donovan Mcgrath – Amplified Yoga – A Deep House Expierience
Dragonfly – Ecstatic Dance
Drishti Beats – Drishti Beats: A Live Music Vinyasa Flow Yoga Experience
Elizabeth Myers – Core Awakening
Ella Cojocaru – Ellavate Your Flow
Ella Cojocaru – Restore Renew Relax W/Ella
Fernando Artiga – Belonging: Interactive Dance
Gianna De La Torre – Deep Energy Clearing
Gianna De La Torre – Soul Medicine : A Groovy Flow You Can Get Down With
Gigi Snyder And The Human Experience
Guru Singh – Kundalini Yoga – A Path Of Mastery
Heidi Hong – Xanadu Yoga Social W/ Soundoff Headphones
Hemalayaa – Kundalini Dance
Hemalayaa – Movement, Expression And Freedom – Live Music By Dto
Jacqui Lalita
Jai Dev Singh – Radiant Body, Diamond Mind
Karen Resulto – Buti Yoga
Kishan Shah
Kishan Shah – Vinyasa Flow Love & Twin Hearts Meditation
Laurel Brooke
Liz Ophoven – Earth And Aura Meditation W/ Queen Mystic Liz
Maria Zavala – Breathe And Restore Morning Flow
Maria Zavala – Magical Morning Flow
Mark Whitwell – Heart Of Yoga
Mark Whitwell – Love & Intimacy
Mc Yogi – Spiritual Graffiti Yoga Experience
Michelle Bouvier – Hoop Vinyasa
Michelle Bouvier – Mandala Vinyasa – Circular Yoga
Mollie Wolf – Somatic Trust – Partnering Movement Meditation
Nona Fender & The Benders – Party Yoga
Nona Fender & The Benders – Superstar Activation
Poranguí – Dancing Freedom: Ecstatic Dance W/ Ashley Klein & Poranguí Live Music
Rhythmystic – Ecstatic Dance
Samantha Sweetwater – Dancing Freedom
Serge Berliawsky – Shivakali Yoga: Vinyasa, Breath + Tantra Yoga
Shawni Birds – Ground Into Your Essence
Shiva Rea – Prana Vinyasa
Shiva Rea – Roots, Rock, Yoga – Prana Vinyasa With Shiva Rea And Dj Dragonfly
Shiva Rea – Sublime Flow: Soma Prana Vinyasa With Shiva Rea And Live Sitar
Sol Rising – Ecstatic Dance
SuzE Q – Breaking Through Blocks with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong Bath
Taya Malakian – Revitalize With Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
Tony Guliano – Space And Earth
Tony Guliano – Water And Air
Torkom Ji – Sound Healing
Vance Vlasek
Zoe Jakes – Belly Dance

Featured Image by Aaron Glassman

by: Molly Narodick