Ticket Info

RV Camping

Our RV Passes are broken down into different categories this year! See below.

We have “With Hookups” and “No Hookups” options

RV Passes ALWAYS sell out FIRST! If your camp is even considering bringing an RV then get your pass asap.

Please purchase your RV Pass BEFORE you reserve your RV!


What qualifies a vehicle as Car Camping vs RV Camping?

Van or camper van = Car Pass
Car or truck w/ trailer = RV Pass
5th wheel = RV Pass

My trailer is under 27′, but when hooked up to my truck it is longer than 27′. What pass do I need?

You must take into account your entire footprint, so you would need the “More Than 27 Foot” Pass.

Why the price change in RV Passes?

Large RVs have been taking up as much space as 2 normal sized RVs, so our pricing now reflects that. Sorry for any confusion.

Is the RV Hookups camp separate from tent and car camping?

RVs w/ Hookups at LIB have their own campgrounds, about a half mile from the main festival site, separate from tent & car camping. 

Do Early Arrivers with RV Passes camp in High Grounds?

Yes, unless you have a “With Hookups” Pass. In that case you will be directed to the appropriate RV campsite.

Can my friends with Car Camping Passes camp next to me in my RV Campsite?

We do the best we can to accommodate car passes being able to camp with or near RVs. There are no guarantees, but if you arrive early and together your chances of being able to camp next to your friends with car/tent camping will be greater.

If I have a camper that sits on the bed of my truck, do I need an RV pass?

No. All you need is a car camping pass as long as the camper is not being towed by your truck.