4 Signature Cocktails Only Found at LIB

We caught up with Big Batch founders Jean Michel Alperin and Jeffery A. Baker recently to talk about the signature kegged cocktails they bring to LIB each year. These saucy sudds are a staple of the event alongside our signature New Belgium brew. Because they’re kegged, they’re a quick pour and the process that creates them is miraculous too. At Big Batch, their focus on fresh ingredients combined with a wealth of experience makes their curious concoctions a prize for just about any palate. We asked what they were hoping to offer the LIB community at the festival. Here’s what they had to say!

BIG BATCH offers fresh artisanal cocktails that are on par with the very best, yet you don’t have to wait for them. Our experience comes from a collective 25 years working in world renowned speakeasy’s and whiskey bars. We are heavily inspired by and partially born out of the already existing ethos put forward by Do LaB. How can we give people exactly what they want and do it creatively? We spend months prior to the festival working on the menu, experimenting and perfecting recipes en masse or “cocktails for giants” as we like to think of it, trying to find the right balance. We can’t stress enough the importance of freshness. All of our batches and ingredients are absolutely fresh and prepped on the spot.

No mixers or concentrates ever. We juice everything.

Equally as important as the drinks themselves is the manner in which we distribute them.

We have an amazing team of 25 people, several dozen kegs that we batch, refill and deliver to all the bars of LIB. We hookup the batched kegs to a tap system in the same manner as draft beer. Then all you need to do is pull a handle to fill up your cup with a delicious cocktail!

What’s the Secret to these Tasty Beverages?

The secret to what we do is that there is no secret. We use our experience and refuse to cut corners. With a fair amount of elbow grease, planning and a great team, then LIB gets delicious cocktails all weekend long!

2017 Cocktail Menu:

MOSCOW MULE – Vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger syrup topped with club soda and garnished with a lime wedge. $9

LIGHTNING MARGARITA – Tequila, fresh lime juice, fresh cucumber and fresh jalapeño agave syrup garnished with a cucumber slice. $9

KICKIN’ OLD FASHIONED – Bourbon, a dash of cold brew coffee infused simple syrup and orange bitters garnished with an orange slice. $9

PAINKILLER – Dark Rum, coconut cream, fresh pineapple juice, fresh orange juice garnished with a nutmeg dusting. $9

See you at LIB!

Featured Image by Daniel Zetterstrom

by: Graham Berry