2017 Share Your LIB Story Contest Winner!

This was my first LiB and I am from New Zealand so I didn’t know what to expect from LiB. I was told by a friend that the vibes at LiB were something else, and they weren’t wrong. It was hard to wipe the smile off my face all weekend.

On the first night unfortunately I dropped my wallet, which had all of my cards, NZ ID (which I needed to get home) and $200 cash. I woke up and accepted my fate that I had lost everything on me. However later that night, I was woogie’ing at the Woogie Stage where I noticed a totem pole that had my full name written on it in glow in the dark writing. Very confused, I walked towards the totem pole, where I found a group of 8 people. I asked the people why they have my name on their totem pole, they turned around and went crazy shouting “WE’VE FOUND DANIEL!!!”. They then explained how they had found the wallet last night, took it back to their campsite, made a sign, and had been carrying around that sign for the rest of the festival trying to find me.

I had never experienced such a wonderful act of kindness, I was truly blown away. TO have my wallet handed to me with everything in it, including the cash, was remarkable. I thought to myself “This is what LiB is all about”. I spent the rest of the night with this group, going to see Too Many Zoos at the Grand Artique and had the time of my life.

Thanks LiB!!!

(Pictured is me happily holding the sign with the girl (Rema) who made it.