Temple Days Full Lineup!

LIB and Wanderlust Hollywood join divine forces to present an epic 12 hour urban activation and sacred party in the City of Angels. Temple Days is a crystallized vision of the Lucent Temple of Consciousness at LIB and a great way to experience a taste of what the festival offers without the camping bit! It’s a place to connect to yourself in a new way, share time with friends or make some new ones, stretch your boundaries and dance dance dance.

There is something for everyone with a plethora of juicy classes and enticing workshops unfolding simultaneously throughout the day but plenty of space to dine on delicious organic foods, have a drink or sit on one of the many lush patios Wanderlust Hollywood has created just for you.

So, join us for an overflowing day of visionary ideas, sacred movement, breathwork, asanas, sex and love games, channelling, ceremony, transformational technology, sexy clowns, DJ dance party, wellness, bodywork and much much more.

Come early to participate in the opening ceremony to set your intention for the day and let the merrymaking begin. Also check out our Onyx Evening Ticket option—perfect for those who can only make it for half the fun!



Join this year’s headlining speakers as they share their wisdom with us through engaging conversation and participant Q&A.

First up will be a unique opportunity to experience the multi-dimensional gifts of Bashar, long time LIB favorite in an intimate setting, this season he will only be presenting at Temple Days! Next up, a moderated conversation with author John Perkins and Co-Founder/Executive Producer of LIB, Dream Rockwell. The two of them will explore John’s work on everything from time spent living with the Shuar natives of the Amazon and his shamanic journeys to his best selling memoir, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Bashar_TempleDaysSpotlight_NoHeaderBASHAR :: A Channeled Multi-Dimensional Extra-Terrestrial Being

Temple Days presentation name:An Open Q&A with Bashar”

After experiencing two, close, broad-daylight UFO sightings, Darryl Anka began to research the subject of UFOs as well as becoming familiar with an array of metaphysical topics, including channeling. His path led him to become a channel for an extraterrestrial entity called Bashar, which is an Arabic word that means “messenger.” Darryl has channeled Bashar’s information internationally for the past 33 years, providing powerful methods by which people can change their lives in positive ways. Bashar’s information has been published in over 20 books in the U.S. and Japan and hundreds of CDs and DVDs have been distributed worldwide by April Rochelle of Bashar Communications.

Find him online: http://bashar.org/

JohnPerkins_TempleDaysSpotlight_NoHeader JOHN PERKINS :: Best Selling Author on Shamanism and Controversial Economics

Temple Days presentation name: “Economic Hit Man and the Prophecies: Changing Ourselves and the World, moderated by Dream Rockwell”

John Perkins is an author and activist whose books have sold more than 1 million copies and spent over 70 weeks on the New York Times bestseller lists. A leading authority on shamanism who has trained with and taught shamans on every continent, he is also former Chief Economist at a major consulting firm. His experiences as adviser to the World Bank, United Nations, IMF, U.S. Treasury Department, Fortune 500 corporations, and heads of state in multiple countries convinced him to devote the rest of his life to facilitating changes in consciousness and to transforming current social, political, and economic systems. He is a founder and board member of Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, nonprofits dedicated to creating a sustainable, just, peaceful, and thriving world for all.

Find him online: http://johnperkins.org/

Dream_TempleDaysSpotlight_NoHeader DREAM ROCKWELL :: Co-Founder of LIB & Founder of Lucent Dossier Experience

Dream’s work pioneering a new style of interactive performance can be seen woven through threads of west coast fashion, music and festival life. She is passionate about reforming the human experience through interactive events and the sharing of information. Dream Rockwell is a female Public Speaker talking about creating and living your true destiny as well as creating new neural pathways to happier coexistence and success. Co-Founder of The Do LaB and Executive Producer of Lightning in a Bottle Festival. Founder of Lucent Dossier Experience, Lucent Temple of Consciousness and Cuddle the World Foundation.

Find her online: http://www.lucentdossier.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-Rockwell/197673410264845?fref=ts


Yoga sessions with our two esteemed Tantric Masters traverse from the sacred breath to the power of the profane.

MARK MORFORD :: Yoga Teacher – Author – Cultural Critic

Temple Days class focus: Absolution Flow – All Levels

Mark takes us on a wild soul ride called: Name your poison. Bare your “sin”. Reveal your toxin, your stuck and stagnant belief and lay them all at the altar of OMG. Yes. Absolution Flow is a fiery, athletic Vinyasa yoga practice interlaced with wry, practical Tantric teachings designed to tonify the body, calm the frenzied urban mind and invite in a state of permanent, but nimble awe. It’s pure dedication and practice, surrendering all you think you know and replacing it with everything you can’t possibly. Find out more during his Temple Days class.

Find him online: http://markmorford.com/

NoahMaze_DateLocationNOAH MAZÉ :: International Yoga Teacher of Teachers

Noah presents students with powerful opportunities to gain tangible yoga knowledge, which they can immediately apply to improve their focus, strength, and abilities. Noah’s fierce and compassionate dedication to yoga inspires and holds space for students to journey deeper into body, heart, mind, and spirit than they ever could have imagined.

Find him online: https://www.yogamaze.net/


During our evening program the focus will turn to the DANCE! Check out the wild, weird and wonderful performers that are sure to get your feet grooving and heart-rate moving.

TASHA BLANK :: NYC DJ & Dance Catalyst

DARIN McCFAYDEN :: Yoga of Bass / Dub Kirtan DJ set

BIJOULETTE :: Sexy, Singing & Dancing Clown Troupe

MIRANDA RONDEAU :: Ceremonial Musicians

workshiop11 (1) FERNANDO BRIGHT FEATHERS :: Shamanic Dance

Belonging is a dance movement practice that invites you to embody your unique self and take part in a co-creative experience. Through movement, dance and poetry you’ll come into contact with a felt sense of authenticity and connection. Fernando has been practicing conscious dance for fifteen years. He has danced, worked and performed with Lucent Dossier circus for the past eight years and now facilitates dance movement classes in LA and music festivals around the US. He spends his time practicing various healing modalities including massage, and he is currently studying shamanic cultures—applying transformative methods to his work. Let your hair down, let loose, and be sure to catch his presentation at Temple Days.

Find him online: http://be-longing.us/index.html


With topics ranging from health to movement to sexuality and from doshas to breathwork to bass this roster of activities is sure to keep your mind, body and soul activated and at peace.


Sex and Love Games with EVA CLAY & ROBERT KANDELL

Do you want something deeper than a hook-up? Do you want more confidence in your sex life? Calling all love-warriors who dare to play at their edge and beyond, this is a roadmap to deep, sexy, drama-free relationships. Through playful and provocative games, you’ll learn to communicate with confidence and boldly create the relationships you desire. Bring your adventurous spirit, an open heart, and a sense of humor!

Find them online: www.evaclay.com

madelinegilesAngelic Breath Healing: Meet Your Guardian Angel with MADELINE GILES

Angelic Breath Healing is a modern practice for people seeking happiness, healing and true fulfillment with the help of their Angels. Madeline teaches breathwork as an experiential tool for easily accessing angelic messages and guidance. Breathwork is an active meditation that cleanses emotions stuck in the body and raises the vibration to a level where it’s easy to viscerally experience Angelic intervention. No experience is required to have a powerful experience – and in fact, breath-work tends to be a highly effective practice for people who have trouble quieting their minds through traditional forms of meditation. So, come… breathe with us at Temple Days.

Find her online: AngelicBreathHealing.com

qoyaQoya – Your Body with ROCHELLE SCHIECK

Bring any questions about your life and learn how to access the answers through the movement of your body with Qoya. Embodying a combination of yoga, dance and movement with meaning, you will gain access to your intuition, feel permission for authentic expression and creativity and expand your capacity to enjoy the journey. Get ready to move your body at Temple Days.

Find her online: www.qoya.love

meredithsloaneRainbow Breathwork with MEREDITH SLOANE

Join this magical journey as we work our way up the rainbow ladder of the chakras. Meredith Sloane, a rainbow energy healer will guide you with breathwork as she channels healing energy to help you clear and balance each chakra. Rainbow energy utilizes the vibration of all the colors of the rainbow. Starting with the root chakra and working the way up to the crown, you will leave feeling balanced and transformed after her Temple Days circle.

Find her online: www.healingmakesmehappy.com

cristinaDoshas & the Dharma of Food with CRISTINA URIOSTE

Do LaB’s very own Learning Kitchen Director, Cristina Urioste, presents this informative class that will teach you how to read your “dosha” and inject healthy, living foods into your life that best support your unique constitution. She will also touch on how the ritual of food plays itself out in our energy, behavior, personality and ego! Be sure to attend her Temple Days class to get a taste of what to expect inside the Learning Kitchen this year at LIB.

Find her online: 

scottMeditation Whisperer with SCOTT SCHWENK

Scott Schwenk is an extraordinary and gifted healer, teacher, visionary, and leader focused on teaching his clients the most effective ways to heal themselves, their lives, and others. Scott is deeply gifted in reaching beyond the noise and chaos that his clients may be experiencing and helping them discover and heal the core issues blocking deeper experiences of love and happiness within, restoring flow to every area of their lives. A Wanderlust instructor, we’re beyond thrilled to have him leading this circle.

Find him online: http://www.trustthebreath.com/


Yoga Of Bass Subpac Sound Healing with CLAIRE THOMPSON & DARIN McFAYDEN

The Yoga Of Bass Sound Healing Session is an especially curated sound experience by DJ/Producer FreQ Nasty designed to be experienced on the SubPac Tactile Physical Audio technology. The session brings together modalities of sound and vibrational healing from around the world and across history into a seamless, meditative journey that explores the physical dimension of therapeutic sound in a unique way. Each participant is given headphones and a wearable Tactile Audio subwoofer (the SubPac M2 – http://thesubpac.com/subpac-m2 ) which transfers the physical dimension of the healing journey directly into the body, silently providing the sensation of being in front of perfectly tuned mainstage sound system, but in the immersive and personalized environment of ones own listening space.

Find them online: http://yogaofbass.com/

IMG_2621 Empowered by the Tarot with HELEN SCHMIDT

Helen Schmidt will be offering intuitive messages with the help of her Tarot deck. The Tarot is an ancient practice that can help us discover the various types of energies influencing us. Becoming aware of these energies can help us feel confident and remain in control of our lives. Come see what your future has in store and get a reading at Temple Days. 

unnamedLive Body Painting with VITTORIA COLONNA 

Vittoria Colonna is a Filmmaker, Painter, Performance Artist, and overall Seeker.  Growing up between Ireland and Italy, Vittoria is now based in Los Angeles. She’s proud to introduce you to her carnival of colours, weaving a spell of colour, fantasy dance, magical yarn and cosmic clowning. Welcome to the art of vibrant enlightenment.

Find her online: www.colonnavittoria.com