The Essential Packing List for Camping at LIB

You’re there! The wait is finally over. You’re coasting through the hills in San Antonio about to pick up those golden tickets at Will Call. That’s when it dawns on you: where’s your ID? It’s the only thing standing in between you and fun friends, non-stop hilarity and all the beefy bass you can funnel into your earholes for the duration of Memorial Weekend. While rifling through your carefully tetris-ed belongings more question marks occur:

  • where are my tent stakes?
  • do I even have sunscreen?
  • did I remember to bring all the things?

It’s a classic festivalers dilemma, but worry not, friends! We have you covered.

This handy guide includes the essential packing list for camping at Lightning in a Bottle along with a few important must-haves for slaying the game with your squad.


boutique campingSleeping Supplies: An Air Mattress, futon, or other soft surfaces for comfy sleep including pillows and warm blankets to bundle up at night.

Shade: Whether it’s an EZ-up you’re using for shade or a makeshift sun-blocking structure with branches and fabric, remember to shade your tent and shared spaces.

Chairs: Inflatable or foldout chairs save a lot of space!

Trash Bags: Sort your trash and recycling to help us keep LIB Beautiful!


hillside-chat---glassmanBring Water: We have free water stations where you can fill up reusable containers, but its still a good idea to bring your own. Pro tip: If you’re tired or cranky, you’re probably dehydrated. (Please no single-use plastic bottles)

First Aid Kit: You never know!

Sunscreen: You’re not invincible ya know. Don’t forget the aloe in case you get burned.

Lip Balm: Read your lips! And don’t skimp on the sun protection.

Toiletries: Don’t leave behind the toothbrush, toothpaste, extra toilet paper, feminine products, towel, etc.

Baby wipes: These little wetnaps make for quick cleaning (just don’t put them in the porto-potties please!). We will also have showers onsite for a small fee.

Hand soap/sanitizer: At some point, you’ll need it.

Earplugs: Because tinnitus is forever.

Sunglasses: Style can be healthy.

Eye Stuff: Extra glasses, contact lenses and/or eye drops

Meds: Allergy medication / Prescription medication permitted with a prescription.


silhouette tea partyCooler: We will have 7lb bags of ice for sale at $6 each.

Water bottle or a Canteen: We’ll have fill up stations to stay hydrated.

Camp Dishes: Reusable cups, plates, and utensils will make meals green and easy.

Trash/recycling bags: Help us keep LIB Beautiful!

Soap: If biodegradable is the way to go don’t forget to bring the Bronners.

Cookware: Easily overlooked but important when it’s chow time.

Propane powered stove: No open fires please!

Noms: Bring your favorite foods or some cash to get eats from our delish food vendors.


people chillin - zetterstromSome Gorgeous Garments: Bring cool clothes for the day and warm clothes for the night. Plan for highs in the 90’s in the day, with lows in the 60’s at night.

Hats and headware: Say no to naked (and burned) noggins. 

Scarves and bandanas: Wet these and toss ’em in the cooler for a refreshing treat.

Functional Kicks: Remember to bring comfy shoes/sandals for hiking and dancing.

Costumes and fun outfits: Get creative and show us what you got!


walking with stuff - zetterstromLight: Flash light / headlamp

Camera: Don’t forget to label it with your name and contact info.

Camping Things: Gloves, tape, rope, zip ties, etc for your camp

Stakes and a Hammer: It’s a tough lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way. Be sure to secure your tent and shade structure to the ground or plan on making this proverbial cup of sugar the way you get to know the neighbors.


by: Graham Berry

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