The Points of the Compass

We are living in unprecedented times.

Uncertainty and inspiration exist inside of each moment, waiting for us to choose a direction for the next.

In these days, it is more important than ever to educate ourselves, to come together and share ideas about self-care, community care, and earth care.


From this understanding, we invite you to experience The Compass.


This newly re-imagined area of Lightning in a Bottle offers a diverse array of educational opportunities that engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action.





illuminating our world

Our largest gathering place, the Beacon holds our keynote presentations from visionaries and leaders across many disciplines and cultures. We will also be hosting a selection of live music and performance.



standing up for our world

Our center of planetary activism at LIB, the Landing houses the Indigenous Hub, to learn and support the work of First Nations; the Earth Activist Hub, to engage with current environmental and wildlife campaigns; and the Grid, a place for learning about new technologies and their evolutionary applications. This also houses the Ecology Bazaar, hosting a network of organizations where one can learn how to integrate all of these actions into our lives beyond the festival.



making our world

Home to the Community Lodge, the Craft Sheds, and the Herbal Arts and Folk Arts Arbors, the Craft is the place to learn various skills and crafts related to living in harmony with the earth and making beauty.



exploring our world

A place for global culture at LIB, the Crossroads offers classes in traditional music and dance and the history of the cultures they come from. It will also be a place to experience intimate performances from world class traditional musicians and performers.



healing our world

The Haven is a place to receive bodywork and healing sessions, as well as to learn about these modalities in the Healing Arts Study. It is also home to the House of Relations and the Entheo Hub, places for intimate classes around interpersonal dynamics and psychedelic studies.



intuiting our world

A home for mystical and esoteric studies, this is a place of magic, a place to engage directly with the mysteries of the world, and begin to explore our place within them.



nourishing our world

The Feast houses the beloved Learning Kitchen as well as the Last Supper Club’s Brunch Club and other opportunities to experience the sensory delights of food culture.


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