The Temple

Inside The Temple in 2015

This season The Temple is moving through a series of wonderful changes, which are reflected below by the phases of the moon in our 'New To The Temple in 2015' infographic below. Beyond these improvements and alignments, there are so many exciting and enlightening goodies on the Temple's horizon that we'll be rolling out two more Temple announcements, each packing more exciting news, updates and lineup releases than the one before!

Read the full post HERE to learn more about our phase 1 additions throughout The Lucent Temple of Consciousness including improved structures, expanded Healing Sanctuary, redefined music and a bigger than ever roster of talented participants and practitioners! Consider this a sneak peek into what awaits, and get excited for the complete Yoga, Workshops, Talks & Panels, and Learning Kitchen Lineups… coming soon!



The Lucent Temple of Consciousness, in the heart of the festival, is the place to get inspired by world renown visionaries, wisdom keepers, master teachers, healers, activists, performers, and musicians. Absolutely everything The Temple offers is designed to activate your body, expand your mind and open your heart.

The Temple is a sacred refuge, devoted to deepening our understanding of self, science, ecology and phenomena as well as honoring our connection to spirit, to mother earth, to our brothers and sisters and to all our relations. We invite you to take part in lighting the collective fire of transformation to become the positive change makers we seek to be.

Indulge in this season’s incredibly diverse Temple line-up, a stimulating exploration into: sacred activism, relationships, culinary creations, yogic practice, the esoteric, permaculture, collaboration techniques, spirituality, sustainability, personal health, art and transformation.

Speakers & Workshops

In The Temple 2015 you have a unique opportunity to experience first hand knowledge in intimate settings.  From our speakers on the Main Temple Stage to our workshops in The Mystery School and The Learning Kitchen there is something new for everyone… guaranteed! Under The Pineal Playground’s old growth Oaks we have created a safe space for sharing and further engagement with interactive practices and a Healing Sanctuary that offers diverse modalities of massage and bodywork… As the sun sets an eclectic lineup of DJ’s, live musicians, and performers will awaken your groove and inspire deeper connections to last a lifetime.

For the third year in a row, The Learning Kitchen offers hands-on nutrition classes and demonstrations. Join us for fun and informative workshops to feed and nourish your body in a variety of both ancient and modern kitchen traditions. Amateurs and seasoned cooks alike will learn culinary techniques and the fundamentals of health, in order to cook with joy and confidence. You are what you eat, so eat well to live a vibrant and delicious life. From smoothies to sprouts to dressings to desserts, and everything in between. We are located in The Temple of Consciousness again this year.


Yoga, Dance & Meditation

Yoga and Dance are a colossal part of the LIB experience. If balance and empowerment are what you seek you can tap a broad array of yogic practices and movement classes that edify both heart and body with equal fervor. Whether you’re an advanced yogi or a curious newbie; or you just want to elevate your moves, The Temple has two locations (OM and Namaste) dedicated to support your soul’s journey. Traditionally we serve up sessions from sunrise to sunset each day but this season you can expect the unexpected with some early early early Sat Nam’s and a few late late late ones like Gloga Yoga: blacklight odyssey.

The Meditation Nest, perched above The Temple exists for those who also want to explore a more contemplative and mindful perspective; not to mention it’s the best darn view for nightly sunset’s.


The Village

The Village 2015: Home is where our Stories live...

The Village is a culture experiment born from the shared aspiration to explore what village life means and how to bring that into a contemporary context. Our intention is to learn by doing, to be engaged with how to actually create and sustain a Village.

This project is an interactive, intergenerational, education-based environment focused on earth based wisdom traditions and the skills necessary to be a sustainable, thriving, interdependent community. There is a focus on honoring the elements and cycles of the natural world, on identifying and refining our individual and collective offerings and remembering a life that integrates the sacred and the creative into everyday. Whole system organic design is at the heart of the Village structure. The unique gifts of everyone present are nurtured and cultivated, creating an environment where, like a traditional Village, every single person has an integral and valued role to play.

The Village consists of multiple micro-environments, including the Sacred Fire, Ancestral Arts Arbor and Community Lodge. Within these spaces, participants will have the opportunity to experience many aspects of this way of being, such as wisdom transmissions, song and story sharing, ceremony, and practical applications of earth based concepts. We will be providing varied forms of ancestral arts classes such as carving, fire making and weaving, as well as councils and presentations of traditional stories and prophecies with Indigenous Elders and lineage holders. The Village will function both as a site for learning to occur and as a hub for the promotion and networking of other organizations and projects that are aligned with our mission.

When we begin shifting our core life question from “What do I truly want?” to “What do I truly have to offer?” then, as a community, we begin to evaluate wealth based on the whole system rather than the individual parts. The Village intends not only to begin shifting our collective awareness in that direction, but also to provide tangible guidance for how to recognize and develop these offerings in a way that benefits both our personal evolution and our ability to be of real service to the larger whole.


A Note on Spiritual Practice…

In pretty much every corner of the Earth, our own ancestors faced oppression against spiritual knowledge, as our tribal communities and the earth worshipping traditions assimilated to the dominant cultural. Many came to America to escape religious oppression. We are all indigenous to the Earth.

However, some of us have more privileges: race, class, gender, sexual orientation, being able-bodied, etc. These privileges affect peoples’ access to power & resources that affect our livelihoods. Before thinking that America is a melting pot, visualize a tossed salad of heritage and tradition. We need to come together. But before we can just do that, we’ve got some work to do.

We do not need to take on the earth-based spirituality of Native peoples to fulfill our feeling of cultural & spiritual lack. A growing number of us are looking to our own roots and inside ourselves to recover and remember the ancient earth-based knowledge and spiritual wisdom of each of our ancestors. Now can mark a beginning journey of consciously deepening our understanding and honoring our ancestors traditions.

Taking off the headdress is about respecting the realities faced by Native Peoples today.

Native peoples are still here, fighting for basic human & religious rights, and for respect. But because the majority of society learns about Native cultures in textbooks, cartoons, and movies, the realities they face and even their existence remains invisible. At Halloween, “Indian costumes” are sold alongside Spiderman, mermaids, and fictional characters. Many of us grew up playing cowboys and indians or watching sports that have indian mascots. These experiences support the entitlement of non-native people to reenact our storybook versions of exotic, romanticized stereotypes (noble savage, warriors, pristine environmentalists, shamans or magic indians). It is a kind of American Indian image painted by white oppressors. So sporting that headdress means being a walking representative of 500+ years of colonialism and racism, perpetuating stereotypes that native people have been fighting against for just as long.


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