The Terrain at LIB

The San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA is a lovely landscape that we can’t wait to populate with art, music, and awesome people.

Terrain at LIB

The terrain is pretty dry, so things can get dusty at your favorite stage when a lot of feet are dancing about. It’s best to bring a dust mask, or a just wrap a scarf around. You’ll be seeing the greenery peeking by, but this is a bit more of a “desert” vibe. Terrain at LIB2

Much of the area is flat, but there are also some rolling hills that will give great vantage points.

You’ll see trees, and other outdoorsy elements to explore, on the outskirts surrounding the main area. For info on how to keep LIB green check out our sustainability action guide!



Featured Image: Dan Krauss

by: Simona Asinovski

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