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LIB Thrive Guide – READ ME!

Our community works hard to create the special environment at LIB, and the best way to enjoy it for years to come is by festivaling with intention and mindfulness. Learn what it takes to sustain this unique experience and join us as we continue to inspire and make positive impacts on the world around us.

Lead By Example – As our community grows, education is the answer to maintaining and shaping LIB’s culture.  We ask all of you to lead the way, and encourage good behavior through your actions.

Leave It Better, Leave It Beautiful! – ALL attendees are required to properly take care of everything they came with, including camping gear and any trash created. Plan ahead, leave enough space in your car to drive it out, or take advantage of our NEW waste disposal services described on page 10.

Honor The Land – LIB is a Leave No Trace event. Together we strive to leave the land better than we found it.  Camp in designated areas, walk on foot paths, pick up trash and focus activity in areas where vegetation is absent.

Respect Others & Their Journey – LIB is intended to be a safe space where people can openly express themselves free of judgements and societal pressures. That freedom comes with the responsibility to respect each other’s beliefs, belongings, and personal space.

Practice Good Citizenship – We are gathering on public land where federal, state, and local laws remain in effect. We work together with local law enforcement to maintain a safe environment, and treat authorities with friendship and respect.

Take Care of Yourself – Practicing personal self-care and responsibility is the most impactful action any LIB’er can do. Listen to your body, know your limits, be present, and allow yourself to enjoy every bit of the experience. Savor the celebration, rather than race to the finish line.

Go Above & Beyond – Conscious growth happens when we go beyond what’s expected because we want to, not because we have to. Whether picking up flyaway trash, or offering food to a stranger in need, our collective efforts can make a lasting impact.

A note for those returning… Reflect on your first LIB, the warm welcome you received, the things you learned, and how that shaped you. It’s up to us to continue growing and maintaining LIB’s inclusive, positive culture. Share your knowledge and experience with new attendees and help cultivate the LIB energy we return for year after year.




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by: Molly Narodick

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