Throwback Mix of the Month – March – Russ Liquid Test

You know what they say: Never miss a Sunday show. In the spirit of throwbacks, we are revisiting Russ Liquid’s Lightning Stage takeover last year at LIB. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Russell Scott is known for funky beats and a musical swagger that blends new and old, electronic and organic. He was joined by his cohorts Andrew Block on guitar and Deven Trusclair on percussion, as part of the now infamous Russ Liquid Test.
The trio took every opportunity to bust out bangers, fluidly progressing through a kaleidoscope of notes. From sexy, sultry tracks with female vocals, to highly textured groovy anthems into deep dark soundscapes, and beyond. Russ lead us down his rabbit hole of sonic exploration; fun and funky musicianship at its finest. Check out this dynamic and sparkly set which served as a lovely early evening Lightning Stage romp.
Mr. Liquid moseyed to the Pagoda bar much later that evening and blew the roof off for a surprise late night set. A true LIB hero, who knows the drill!

Featured Image Courtesy of Russ Liquid

by: Ellie Salrin