Travel - Lightning In A Bottle


Lightning in a Bottle is more than a festival. It’s a destination where your imagination is the limit for 24 hours a day, for 5 days! Nestled in the rolling hills of central California, LIB is filled with unique areas inviting you to create magic, experience art and music, and engage in inspiring and educational offerings. It’s easy to join us as we bend reality and explore what else is possible!



Every great adventure starts with an amazing journey. The closest airports to LIB are Los Angeles International (LAX) and San Francisco International (SFO). From there it’s only 3-4 hours to the land of Lightning in a Bottle. You can ride the Lightning Bus directly from either of these airports for a smooth entry into the festival.


Road trips are so much fun and a great way to embark on a wondrous trip to Lightning in a Bottle. The festival is located at Lake San Antonio’s North Shore in Bradley, California. Detailed driving directions coming soon.


Ridesharing is a great way to make less of an impact on the earth by reducing our carbon footprint. You can also make less of an impact on your wallet by taking a Lightning Bus from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or Portland! With more pickup times, one-way and roundtrip options, it’s never been easier to join the fun. Or check out our Facebook page and meet other adventurous folks to carpool with to LIB.



Take a break from the ordinary and experience community in action. The campgrounds are a place to relax, play, and make friends with your neighbors. Whether you’re a minimalist or go the route of creating a camp to invite your fellow festival mates, you will enjoy plenty of California sky, fresh air and good vibes. Bring your camping gear or take advantage of Boutique Camping packages. To learn more about camping at LIB visit our Camping FAQ.