What’s it like to spring for Boutique Camping? [INTERVIEW]

A lot of people come to LIB for a variety of reasons, and for some folks it’s all about reveling in style. When we wanted to find out what makes our fanciest camping option, Boutique Camping, one of the hottest tickets at the festival we sat down with our Boutique Camping Director, Freddie Kirk, to learn all about the splendor that a boutique camping ticket can afford you in this one-of-a-kind camping experience for the connoisseur.

Here’s what Freddie had to say!



Photo by Aaron Gautschi

How did you become involved in Boutique Camping?

I was involved with Boutique Camping Services in the past as part of a Production job I had in Ireland for 10 yrs working with a couple of festivals over there called Electric Picnic and Body&Soul Festival.


As the organization and the festival grew, I worked closely with many depts in this job and one of them was liaising closely with the Camping partners we were working with so while I didn’t have any direct experience running something like this I knew all the ins and outs and was able to apply that when taking the job at LIB.


It was in this position that I first worked with Do LaB. In 2008 they were commissioned by our festival to come over and build/curate a stage and I was their point of contact for all aspects of their production.
They also came back in 2009 and 2010 so we got pretty close and when I moved back to California in 2013 I called up Dede at the Do LaB and he told me they were starting up a Boutique Camping area at LIB and asked if I would be interested in running it.


The rest is history.


I have been working production in Festival and for almost 15yrs and have pretty much covered all aspects of it, so I was also able to bring all that knowledge to the table and was pretty much left to my own devices. It’s always a work in progress and each year I learn something different so it never gets stale.



Photo by Aaron Gautschi

What’s it like to get Boutique Camping at LIB?

It’s amazing! Imagine showing up at a festival and having your entire camping set up ready and waiting¬†– a luxury camp at that!
Easy access line at Box Office if you need to pick up wristbands. Parking is right there too so you drive right into the campsite, unload and park.


There is something for everyone. Quite often 4 friends will share a Really Good 2-bed package which makes it pretty reasonable and affordable. Or we get couples who will go all out and get an Uber 1-bed for a romantic festival getaway.


Also a great consideration for people coming in from out of state who really do not want to deal with securing camping stuff on route from the airport. Families sometimes like the ease of it if coming with kids too as long as those youngsters can handle being upfront for the action, as we are quite close to the Woogie stage so things can get pretty loud.


We also offer an off-site Concierge Service for all Uber package holders whereby we take guests orders of stuff they forgot or want more of and do a couple of runs over the weekend to get them their goods.



Photo by Aaron Gautschi

Some of our Boutique Campers come back to do it again and again. What do you think brings them back to experience Boutique Camping at LIB?

I think once you try Boutique it’s hard to go back to GA. People who experience it want to continue that way again and again.


The facilities are great. Clean showers, no lines, air-conditioned real flushing toilets, full-length mirrors, tables to do hair and makeup – all the things that make the experience more enjoyable.
People like to be clean but they also want to look good at festivals and while the general camping showers and toilets serve their purpose it’s nice to have accommodations when a little sprucing up is in order.


Plus sharing such a beautiful space with people invites everyone to be more social with each other. People make new friends, chill in the Lush Lounge over morning coffee service and next thing you know they’re best friends for the weekend – it’s the kind of space that just makes everything much easier.



Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

How do you like to spend time at Lightning in a Bottle?

I love the Woogie. In fact, everyone loves the Woogie and it is right in our own backyard at Boutique Camping.
Amori’s Casino and Burlesque, the Favela Bar, the Lightning Inn and the Art Gallery are all on our peninsula. Not to mention a slew of the best food vendors at the festival. There’s even a Kids Zone if you decide to bring the kids. Plus, the location of Boutique Camping is pretty central to everything considering, so walking to anywhere is really easy.


Get more info on Boutique Camping here!


Photo by Aaron Gautschi

by: Graham Berry

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