Getting Here Guide

Your LIB Wristband

We highly suggest each attendee registers their own wristband. Registering your wristband will establish its authenticity and ensure that your uniquely-coded wristband belongs to you.


“Putting on Your Wristband”

Follow these tips carefully and apply your wristband just before departing to LIB.

  1. Grab a friend! You only get one shot so we recommend having a helping hand.
  2. Put it on: Slip your untightened LIB wristband onto your LEFT wrist.
  3. Follow the 1 Finger Rule: The closure slides one-way and CANNOT BE LOOSENED. Slide the closure until there is a finger width of space between the band and your skin.
  4. Slide It Tight: Tighten the wristband by holding onto the 2 loose ends and sliding the closure toward your wrist.

      5. DO NOT REMOVE WRISTBAND for the duration of the event.

by: Allegra Sotudeh