10 Boundary-Pushing Live Sets to Catch at LIB This Year - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

10 Boundary-Pushing Live Sets to Catch at LIB This Year

February 25th, 2020

With LIB approaching and our Phase 1 & 2 lineups both live, we thought now would be a great time to highlight some of the musical gems that will be providing us with live festival performances of epic proportions!

We are proud to host some of the most unique and boundary-pushing live acts on our 2020 lineup. Whether it is a full band or a solo live electronic experience, the artists on this list are ready to take you on an auditory adventure unlike any other. Learn more about some of the life-changing live performances you don’t want to miss this year…

1. Purity Ring

Performing on the Lightning Stage

Returning to LIB for the first time since 2013, Purity Ring’s live show promises an exhibition of their airy electronic sounds combined with Megan James’ angelic voice to create a sensory-awakening experience. With the release of their single “Stardew”, and a new album coming, we can only expect the freshest, purest sounds from this epic duo at LIB.

2. Two Fingers

Performing on the Thunder Stage

Amon Tobin presents Two Fingers is slated to be one of the most high-energy and hyped up sets at LIB this year. He melds the sounds of hip hop, drum & bass, and many other facets of bass music to create a symphony of electric sounds that’ll have you moving and groovin’ through his entire set.

3. Stavroz

Performing inside The Compass

If you’re looking for a smooth and sultry set that sounds like something you’ve never heard before, check out Stavroz. The Belgium-bred band creates a comforting soundtrack through their live sets, perfect for an indescribable place like LIB. Plant your feet, close your eyes, and let your ears succumb to their story.

4. Stephan Bodzin

Performing on the Woogie

We’re excited to welcome back German techno legend Stephan Bodzin to the Woogie! He is a storytelling DJ who takes dance floors on a ride through his many musical influences, but is also an impressive live specialist who creates captivating, high impact soundtracks on the fly. Get ready to be mesmerized by his set

5. Fantastic Negrito 

Performing at the Grand Artique

When you listen to Fantastic Negrito, you’re invited to hear the story of life after destruction. The narrative from this Oakland-based musician is as important as his sound. His live sets feature songs born from a hard life channeled through black roots music with heavy emphasis on instruments like slide guitar, drums, and piano. Be sure to catch this storytelling set at LIB!

6. Lion Babe

Performing on the Lightning Stage

There’s more R&B and soul at LIB this year than ever and we are here for it! NYC-based Lion Babe is made up of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, and they’re one of the performances we’re most excited for this year. Their live show promises a vibe of acceptance and fun wrapped in smooth rhythms and playful, nostalgic beats. Don’t miss it!

7. Jon1st & Shield

Performing on the Thunder Stage

Bringing their experimental bass meets live percussion experience to LIB, we have Jon1st and Shield. The duo met in 2016 and shortly thereafter started working together long term, combining their shared backgrounds in production and live performance (Jon1st as a former World DMC Champion and Shield as a classically trained percussionist) to produce engaging live performances. You don’t wanna miss this.

8. Romare

Performing on the Woogie

Another eclectic live electronic set to check out is Romare. His left-field house and downtempo tracks pay tribute to various black musical forms and iconic figures that he studied in university. He blends vocals and rhythm to create a soundscape that aims to investigate the relationship between different musical cultures through live sampling. Trust us, it’s an experience you want to witness.

9. Simrit

Performing inside The Compass

Vocalist and songwriter Simrit’s sound is known for its depth, haunting beauty, edge, and psychedelic atmosphere. She draws on the dark, harmonic beauty of the ancient Greek Orthodox chants she grew up with, inspired by the West African drum traditions she studied, and fused with her training in piano and vocals. Be sure to catch this unique experience inside the Compass at LIB.

10. Red Giant Project 

Performing at the Grand Artique

Red Giant Project fuses original electronic production with live instrumentation in the blues and R&B realm, layered with thought-provoking lyrics and gritty soulful melodies. Their vocals create a haunting yet soulful layer that weaves throughout the music, never distracting from the full intention of the production. Don’t miss this LIB favorite at the Grand Artique this year and be on the look out for their debut album coming out soon!