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13 LIB Dates to Enjoy with Your Bestie or Bae

February 8th, 2020

I think we can all agree, festival dates > regular dates. Whether it’s a bae-date, a play date or just a chance to get into some trouble with your P.I.C (partner in crime), LIB offers ample adventures to embark on with your favorite humans! 

With so much fun to choose from, it’s not always easy deciding what to do at LIB. Luckily, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite ideas you can use as inspiration to plan your next LIB adventures this Memorial Day Weekend!

Earlybird Adventures

1. Stretch your mind, body & soul at an Acro-Yoga class

Start the day off focused on wellness with one of LIB’s many Acro-Yoga classes. It’s the perfect way to find balance and connect with one another to achieve the optimal partner flow. This year we will have a vast array of instructors exploring different yoga and movement modalities that are sure to challenge and entice yogis of all experience levels.

2. Recharge and relax lakeside at Thunder Lagoon

Need a breather from the mainstage music without venturing too far? Grab a floaty, a cold one and venture to Thunder Lagoon for some lakeside fun in the sun! Bring your towel and sunbathe on the shoreline while your rest and recharge, and if you’re lucky you may catch the LIB Boat Races while you’re there.

3. Treat yourself to a sound bath at the Gong Sanctuary

Enjoy some calm before the storm and find yourselves immersed in a different type of sound at The Gong Sanctuary. Let the sound vibrations of Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos and Native Flutes heal you while you lay in Savasana.

 4. Learn how to make aphrodisiac treats at the Learning Kitchen 

One stop at the Learning Kitchen can inspire change in the way you cook and feast forever! From exotic treats to vegan delicacies, our health-focused chefs will teach you how to give your body the fuel it needs to keep up with your fellow LIBers, and enjoy a jam-packed weekend of nonstop dancing and immersive experiences. 

5. Go on a morning MOOP mission

Make your morning mean something and turn your earlybird stroll into a partner MOOP Mission! Make it an adventure, explore art you haven’t seen or just get a lay of the land, all while having your MOOP sticks in hand. Just grab and bag any trash you find along the way! Who knows, you may inspire others to do the same – which is what the 6 Ways of LIB are all about!

MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, or another way of referring to anything that is not originally of the land on which LIB takes place i.e. litter, feathers, glitter, clothes, etc.

Afternoon Delights

6. Share a couples skate on the Rink-a-Dink Roller Rink  

Craving the disco? Roll on through to the RAD roller rink where the best jams for couples skating await you and your partner. We have free skates available for rent if you don’t want to bring your own, and nachos on deck to satisfy your cravings. For your entertainment, the Bijoulette singing clown troupe will be on hand to add some fun games and surprises.

7. Start an 80’s music dance party at The Mixtape

Feeling nostalgic? Perhaps for a time before smartphones and streaming services when enjoying one another’s company over cassette tapes was all the rage? Take your partner on a trip down memory lane at The Mixtape, and dance your heart away while making new friends. You’ll be sure to find your favorite song from a treasure trove of hundreds of old school classics.

8. Have Yourself a Sunday Funday at The Grand Artique

The Grand Artique is a universe of wacky, crazy fun perfect for a superduo of adventurers. Step into the wild wild West that is Frontierville and participate in mayor elections, trading at the General Store, Hanky Pank’s Games of Chance and so many more games. Make sure you try a Pickle from the Pickle Sailor while you enjoy the live music and town fun. P.S. – if you’re lucky, you might even catch a bonafide wedding! 

9. Catch an LIB sunset lakeside

Grab a tapestries and post up lakeside near the Woogie to catch one of LIB’s epic sunsets. Get lost in the vibrant cotton candy sky reflecting off the water and join your fellow LIB’ers in a harmonizing howl as you say farewell to the sun and greet the rising moon!

Night Owl Outings 

10. Go on a food vendor crawl

If you think the LIB music lineup is amazing, just wait until you see our eats and treats lineup this year! What better way to challenge your tastebuds than to try as many unique offerings as possible? Featuring over 40 vendors catering organic, locally sourced, and vegan options, LIB has options for every palate. Grab your partner and embark on a culinary journey through LIB – your tastebuds will thank you. 

11. Take a salsa class at Playa Relampago 

Escape to the Caribbean for a hot second and reinvigorate your dance repertoire by experimenting with a myriad of dance styles unlike anything else at the festival. Catch salsa and bachata dance lessons, or express yourself in a poetry slam. With DJs on deck playing everything from salsa and reggaeton to hip hop and dancehall, LIB’s flagship Latin party is the perfect switch up to spice up the night. 2019 DJ’s included Subsuelo and Late Night Lagger DJs. Be sure to keep a lookout for Playa Relampago’s 2020 schedule dropping next month! 

12. Catch a sexy burlesque show late-night at The Unicorn Palace

Unwind at the Unicorn Palace for a unique showcase of glitz and glamour you’ll want to keep coming back to every night. From aerialists and acrobats to burlesque dancers, the Unicorn Palace has no shortage of amazing performers and sensual characters alike. Rest your feet and sip a spirit-free elixir while you watch the one-of-a-kind showcase, or play dress up and snap the perfect pictures with your partner if you’re still feeling adventurous at the end of the night. 

13. Take a late-night stroll and explore the new Co LaB Camps 

Take a stroll through the new Co LaB camps located right next to the main attractions and see what kind of activations participating camps have to explore. These creative offerings and showcases put on by fellow LIBers are an exciting new addition to this year’s festival – places to grow your LIB family and inspire your inner creativity in more ways than one. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be a host next year!

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