2018 Share Your Story Winner - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

2018 Share Your Story Winner

October 5th, 2018

Thank you to everyone who opened up to us and submitted their LIB stories! They were so good and we were overwhelmed with your honesty. So much so, that we were unable to choose just one winner and had to choose a couple runner-ups in addition to the grand prize winner. We will be sharing their stories in the coming weeks, but for now a huge CONGRATS to our 2018 Share Your Story contest winner, Nicole! ⚡️ Read her story below.

“This year at LIB, I created 30 mini pieces of art with abstract face drawings and dreamy watercolor backgrounds. On the back of each one was a profound quote to go with the image. I took them out to the festival each day with the intention of choosing 30 special people that warmed my heart in some way and having them pull a card to take home and keep. My hope was that I could move at least one person with my art, perhaps giving them a message that they might need at that particular point in their life.

One night while sitting in an interactive area called “Lost?”, a beautiful masked girl saw me giving out cards and reached over from her seat on the couch to take one. The look on her face was something I won’t forget. She looked at me with the deepest appreciation and got up from the couch to give me a long embrace. We did not need to exchange words.

She later found me on Instagram, and let me know how meaningful the art was in her life and how the quote was something she needed to hear at that time. The feeling I got from touching someone’s life was like no other! I am now inspired to create this art project on a larger scale, and will be developing the idea into a website and hopefully take it as far as to have a booth like this at festivals, and maybe create the art custom and on the spot.

Thank you so much LIB for giving me a space to share my art with people who can connect with it!”