LIB's 2019 Interactive Environments & Activities Lineup - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

LIB’s 2019 Interactive Environments & Activities Lineup

April 17th, 2019

At LIB, the real magic happens outside the musical stages! Our interactive environments and activities invite you to be present in the moment, actively participate, and get your creative juices flowing. When you need a dance break, be sure to explore all the nooks and crannies of LIB, and you will find a wealth of experiences that will take you out of this world. Here are the Interactive Environments & Activities that will be at LIB this year!


“Our collective fascination with images, of ourselves or others, whether motion pictures or home movies, fashion shoots or social media posts, reveals the duplicity of reverence, in that it at once completely embraces, and dismisses, our own mortality. ” -Ryan Ciolli

“A house is a building for escaping the outside world.” -W.C. Thornton

Boogaloo City by Dirty Beetles

Boogaloo City is comprised of three Major Elements:

1) The Boogaloo Art Car which is a festival favorite late night mobile DJ Booth.

2) Boogaloo City Signage. LED illuminated 12 X 8, with a flashing YO VACANCY sign letting people know they are always welcome in our space.

3) African Stretch Tent 60 X 40 – This is shady place in the day to chill connect, stretch, relax and reflect on last nights fun. Late night Boogaloo city come alive as Dirty Beetles DJs and special guest give the wondering soul a safe space to get weird.

Fire Flow Zone host by Fire Groove Gear

Calling all fire performers! Share your talents and art in a safe and interactive space. The zone is open to the public Friday-Sunday, 10 PM-2 AM and will feature opening performances by:

Friday: Alliance of Gaia
Saturday: Love in the Fire
Sunday: HeLLaMaNa

Forgotton Fort By Big Expression Presents

Where have all our missing socks gone? Our childhood toys? Our innocence? Our dreams? What got lost in translation? Where do we go when we get lost in thought? Forgotten Fort is an immersive performing arts space that houses all things forgotten waiting to be remembered. The fort will host a variety of performances that awaken your childlike sense of play and rewards you for wandering off the beaten path.

Funn Machine by Big Art Studios

It’s Funn. It’s a Machine. 12 mirror balls, 25 lasers and bubbles, so. many. bubbles!

Gong Sanctuary

Experience the healing sound vibrations of Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Native Flutes and more. Guests will lay down as the vibrations fill the sanctuary & bathe in sacred sound.

Thursday-Sunday, 11 AM-6 PM

Meditation Grove by Tigre Bailando

A reverent space for mindful gathering and deep reflection. A sacred grove of ancient mystery, a meeting place across the veil. A home for your deepest self.

Ice Cream Truck by The Fungineers

When the Fungineers roll up, you know it’s bout to be a cone up! The Fungineers are an inter-dimensional super group whose mission is to create brand new kinds of fun! Catch a show and get some free acai ice cream from the cone gnomes! Mostly late night with some day time surprises.

Jive Joint

The Jive Joint is art, entertainment, and experience all wrapped up into one shared moment (after moment). Each show is unique as it draws on the spontaneous moments pulled from the audience. A guaranteed wild card built into the presentation. Hosted by world champion looper SuperTallPaul and character extraordinaire Rossome. This late night sit down show is full of guaranteed laughs and awe.

KUKER feat. Axon Orchestra by HitterPetter Productions

Coming from ancient times, KUKER, the Ritual Dancer time machine, brings you the Balkan vibe of Axon Orchestra, mixed with contemporary beats and line-dance workshops under bagpipe (Bulgarian gaida) accompaniment, daily and nightly sessions, for all to mix spirits, passing kinetic energy from hand to hand, smile to smile!

Lost? by Lost Creations

“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.” -Hunter S. Thompson

Performances by Rachel Lark, Animal Prince, Mountain Holler, Tyson Ayers, & more…

When: Starts at 2 AM

MustDash 5K Run

Join, or cheer on, 200 runners as they bolt through the campgrounds, sprint along the lake and dart by the stages. With slick mustaches and zany costumes in tow, you won’t want to miss this! REGISTER HERE.

When: Friday! Runner check-in: 9 AM. Race and Awards Ceremony: 10am
Starting line: In front of the Lightning Stage

Om Shan Tea by Teahouse Collective

The Teahouse Collective is a community of musicians dedicated to exploring the intersections of culture and sound through electro-acoustic exploration, collaboration, and improvisation.

Playa Relampago

Located somewhere in the Caribbean, this beach house is the perfect spot after a long day in the water. Catch a salsa and bachata dance lesson, or express yourself in a poetry slam. Subsuelo and Late Night Lagger DJs will be playing everything from salsa and reggaeton to hip hop and dancehall.

REGISTER HERE for poetry & open-mic night.

Thursday: Salsa class @ 10:00 PM, Bachata class @ 11:00 PM

Friday & Saturday: Poetry & Open-mic night @ 11:00 PM

Sunday: Salsa class @ 10:00 PM, Bachata class @ 11:00 PM

RAD: Rink-a-Dink Roller Rink

Roll through for some good ol’ fashioned fun on wheels. Skate to classic disco hits and eclectic live DJ sets throughout the weekend. Free skate rentals available, or bring your own.


Wednesday: 8:00 PM-2:00 AM

Thursday-Sunday: 2:00 PM-2:00 AM


Enter a portal that will take you to a time before streaming services or smart phones. Pop a cassette into a boombox and let your inner ’80s child emerge.

The Great Bingo Revival

The Great Bingo Revival is the captivating 1970’s throwback interactive game show delighting events across the United States. Harkening back to an era of wide bottom pants, groovy dance moves and big glasses, the game was founded and is hosted by the Reverend Rusty Reams, North America’s #1 bingo caller. The show features a multi-genre soundtrack dj’d 100% live and all rooted in classic soul, funk and disco music.

The Sound Cave Project’s 5 Elements Tea House by Tyler Ayers

Sound Caves are interactive musical sculptures. The 5 Elements Tea House is a Sound Cave in the shape of a pentagonal gazebo built out of piano harps, musical strings, and exquisite wood working. With upwards of 10 piano harps and 2000+ musical strings, this musical sculpture is highly interactive for all to enjoy! Find this as part of the Lost? interactive area!

Unicorn Palace by Highlove Company

From spinning tassels to soaring circus acts, the Unicorn Palace sparkles with talented performers of all varieties. Come relax in the shade with a spirit-free elixir, and play dress-up with a wacky cast of sensual characters… this inclusive space features multiple spots to capture the perfect photo with friends. Plenty of seating makes The Unicorn Palace the perfect place to unwind in the afternoons, and to rest your feet while you enjoy world-class cabaret performances including aerials, burlesque, dance, acrobats, and more each evening. Come for a beverage, and stay for the show… it’s all unicorn approved!

Vibeapple by Maximize Happiness Project

Come get a maximum dose of GOOD VIBES at the most epic pineapple on wheels the world has ever seen. Lots of fun features to interact with, such as 10,000 dance reactive LEDs and a heated furry mattress that vibrates with the music.

Dive deeper into the full lineup of interactive areas and all the other amazing programming coming to LIB this year below!