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4 Reasons Why Attendees Love LIB’s New Venue Better Than The Old

December 20th, 2019

If you ever experienced an LIB at the festival’s previous home in Bradley, CA, then you know, the struggle was REAL. Between traversing the sprawling layout, hiking up steep hills, inhaling pounds of dust, and battling the notorious burs that wreaked havoc on everything, it’s pretty fair to say; Lake San Antonio was not for the faint-hearted.

While the five years we spent there were full of love, unforgettable memories, and endless gratitude, the 2019 community consensus is in, and Buena Vista Lake wins the popular vote! Read the top reasons why 2019 attendees say LIB’s new venue is better in just about every way.

1. The Lake – Buena Vista Lake is warmer, cleaner, sandier & easier to access throughout the entire venue

“The venue was my favorite part about LIB 2019 – being able to be right on the lake and even in the water while still experiencing the music and being in the festival was unlike anything I’ve experienced at other festivals. The grounds were beautiful and clean and had the right blend of shade and places to lounge in-between stages.”

“I was skeptical about it being at a new venue but actually loved the change. The lake was much nicer than anticipated and so much so that I actually got in it almost every day of the festival.”

“The new lake gave us all a much-needed refresher from the heat and constant stimulation. It felt very clean and we spent hours upon hours in it. The water was much warmer than San Antonio.”

2. The Terrain – Flat, grassy, and tree-covered grounds make traversing the festival much more relaxing and less exhausting

“I attended the first two years at Bradley, and I loved the new location much much more. There was a lot less dust, significantly more shade, the level geography made it easy to get around, and the temperatures were far better on both ends.”

“The new venue was excellent! our group was worried that the new location wouldn’t be as secluded, and imaginative as Bradley because of the hills and wandering around into new areas, but Buena Vista Lake was nice and flat, and there were more trees to find shade in, and the area seemed bigger but more compact than Bradley.”

“The new venue is fantastic. Fewer hills, less dirt, and no bridges was such a relief! Having it easier to walk around the entire venue made me feel much more spontaneous to explore.”

“The venue was phenomenal and super ADA friendly. I was able to see all the artists I wanted too while receiving rides from the ADA crew when my legs were too tired.”

3. The Layout – With all the stages, interactive areas and art more intimately intertwined, the new festival layout makes it easy to see and explore more than ever before

“The new venue was awesome. The layout decreased the amount of walking between stages and camp compared to last year. Having the water so accessible and closer to the stages was also great. I love LIB because of the variety of activities and environments, top-notch design, and overall good vibes.”

“The new venue proved an exciting adventure – getting to explore and learn the new layout of the stages, venues, interactive art, and installations was a lot of fun. I also really enjoyed the number of people at this year’s festival – it wasn’t too crowded, there was room to breathe and dance, and camping was easy, with friendly neighbors!”

“The venue was definitely more pleasing. Of course, there is something nice about the previous location, but the walk made it super tiring to enjoy the festival by the time we arrived to it. We much preferred the convenience to walk everywhere and being so close to the campsite. The venue felt a lot more intimate, and it wasn’t overpopulated like last year.”

4. The Campgrounds – Close, convenient camping makes heading back to your home base easier and more effortless

“Camping at this venue was much more pleasant than in Bradley. The venue seemed more inviting and was perfect to set up the different stages along the lake. Sunsets were INCREDIBLE. Absolutely beautiful. Bakersfield amazingly surprised me.”

“The peninsula design meant that camping was close-by no matter which direction! Not too dusty, and the lake was beautiful and clean and refreshing!!!”

“I enjoyed how the festival was laid out. Having the lake be inside the venue but also so close to my campsite was so nice. We could float and cool down from the heat (in a much cleaner lake than previous years) and listen to music, which was great.”

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