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6 Acts You Won’t Want to Miss At The Grand Artique!

March 12th, 2019

What started as a little shop in Pacific Beach, San Diego has grown into a collective of artists, builders, event producers, craftspeople, performers, and musicians. Since 2009, Grand Artique at LIB has allowed you to step into a vintage portal and immerse yourself in their famed town of Frontierville. Within the town, The Mission Stage will be groovin’ throughout the festival so stop in late morning, afternoon or for an intriguing late night. We wanted to highlight a few acts that you won’t want to miss at the Grand Artique. Get ready to step into a space straight out of your imagination.

My Baby

“My Baby” doesn’t just refer to the band’s name, it refers to an allegorical figure who acts as the band’s creative muse. Based in Amsterdam, the Dutch-New Zealand trio blends roots with hypnotic dance. Their music incorporates gospel and blues alongside ancient folk melodies. Since 2012, they have been spreading their psychedelic sounds to audiences worldwide and we cannot wait to have them with us at LIB!

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Northern California-bred musician/producer Zack Arnett, of SUR, built a makeshift studio in the back of his RV and set out on a musical journey. He established his sound as gritty, melodic, and reflective. Upon returning to L.A.,  he finished Savage Beast EP  a compilation of all the songs he’d started during his travels. Arnett through SUR has devoted his life to his overlapping passions for music and art, we cannot wait to see him and his band perform late night at LIB!

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Hailing from British Columbia, Moontricks includes roots and blues into their electronic bass music. The juxtaposition of classic genres with modern electronic production creates an emotional and engaging musical experience. The group aims to deliver their unique sounds to diverse audiences and listeners. The use of live guitar, keys, and vocals makes them a standout live act and we cannot wait to see them at LIB!

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Smoked Out Soul

Founded in 2013 by Zebuel Early, Smoked Out Soul started as a mixtape concept combining southern hip hop with classic soul. Now, this Bay Area collective hosts weekly parties every Thursday night at the Monarch in San Francisco. Smoked Out Soul aims to join together DJ culture with the live music scene in the Bay Area. They blend funky classics with futuristic production, featuring live music and a rotation of special guests. We cannot wait to see what they have in store for LIB!

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For the past 18 years, Los Angeles band Ozomatli have been vocal activists and diverse musicians. Named as the U.S. State Department Cultural Ambassadors, their music has become synonymous with the changing city. Their urban-Latino collision of hip hop and rock takes you all around the world. We cannot wait to see the wide array of musical styles they have to offer at LIB!

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Red Giant

Fuses Neo Soul, 808’s, Lo-fi production, Live Instrumentation, R&B hooks and lyrical content that is thought provoking and playful. Producer Matt Madonna uses a deep and complex sound design to highlight a unique combination of players he and Burkey have met throughout their respective musical journey’s (Love and Light, Vokab Kompany). The juxtaposition of vocalists Shane Hall and Burkey combine to create a haunting yet soulful layer that weaves throughout the music, never distracting from the full intention of the production. The live show is complimented by multi instrumentalist Tah Rei and John Tomas Avery. We are super excited to have them debut this new project at LIB!

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