7 Fresh Acts to Fall in Love with at LIB 2020 - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

7 Fresh Acts to Fall in Love with at LIB 2020

January 20th, 2020

While there is a lot to be said about seeing a longtime favorite artist play live, LIB is one of the BEST places to discover new artists and broaden your music horizons. Over the years, LIB’s artfully curated lineups have remained unpredictable and diverse, offering up a roster of talent that never ceases to satisfy the masses, and pack a healthy dose of music discovery. 

If a faint tune pulls you in, follow the tendrils of sound – while the name of the artist may be foreign to your conscious mind, the music echoes the answer to a question you’ve long sought for but didn’t even know you were seeking. As the vibrations tantalize your senses, you can’t help but join in the dance with those around you. You’re hooked. 

Welcome to your new favorite artists of 2020! We are absolutely stoked to feature these seven deliciously fresh acts on the 2020 lineup you need to catch at Lightning in a Bottle this year.

1. Empress Of

Honduran-American artist Empress Of (aka Lorely Rodriguez) has come a long way since 2012, when she first posted her minute-long experimental demos “colorminutes” on Youtube. Starting out as a dreamy, introspective musician, she bloomed in her deeply personal first album Me, and subsequently transition into a more communally focused artist in her second album, Us. Weaving Spanish and English lyrics together in a seamless milieu, Empress Of sends her acrobatic vocals to empowering heights with equal parts power and ease. This past October she released the killer track “Wild Girl” with Kito, and has some new material in the mix that we’re on the edge of our seats for at the Lightning Stage.

2. Jon 1st and Shield

Jon1st – a former World DMC Champion turntablist – and Shield – a classically trained percussionist and multi-instrumentalist – started collaborating in late 2016, combining their mutual passion for fusing beats and alternative bass music with live performance.

They have since developed a full live show together, which they have teased us with in their videos showcasing collaborations with DJ Craze and Pioneer DJ. They were quite busy in 2019: performing an extensive tour of North America, receiving widespread critical acclaim for their club and festival performances, and releasing their debut EP, Flapjacks, as well as a series of singles. We’re excited to finally wet our taste buds with Jon1st and Shield’s new live collaborative project at the Thunder Stage.

3. Doja Cat

Flashback to 2013, L.A. local Doja Cat made her first upload to Soundcloud at only sixteen years old. A year later, she signed to RCA and unveiled her acclaimed Purrr! EP. Her single “So High” racked up over 30 million streams and some serious critical acclaim. She went on to tour with the likes of Lizzo, Father, and Theophilus London and along the way assembled what would become her debut album, Amala.

Cooking up vibrant, candy-coated beats, and singing with claws out, Doja Cat unlocks a sweet, sexy world laced together with wild hip-hop, twisted pop, and smoked-out R&B. She nearly sold out her headlining North American tour this past fall and is currently gearing up for new music, so get your ear buds ready for her set at the Lightning Stage.

4. Maga

The influence of Maga’s time spent in Cape Town, Miami, and Dubai is undeniable in his music, and his investigations into different genres gives a fully scoped yet simultaneously personal element to his work. Maga offers a nourishing exploration of ethnic & organic sounds, and will take you higher on a spiritual journey through his loving vibes. 

With a hybrid-live set that consistently pushes boundaries, Maga brings his audience a fusion of melodic, minimal & strong energy transmissions through his music and production. Prepare to be enlightened at Woogie Stage.

5. Artbat

Artbat, the Ukranian duo of Artur & Batish, ranks among the world’s most successful Ukrainian electronic acts. Over the past two years, the two djs/producers went from their debut release to performing at the Destino in Ibiza this past summer. 

The key to Artbat‘s success lies in their commitment to powerful and inventive sound, but more importantly, their versatility: their tracks have an impressive capacity to fuel intimate dance floors and huge arenas alike. They truly know how to read their audience and play different sounds for every moment. We’re eagerly looking forward to swaying through their effortless transitions from house to massive techno at the Woogie Stage.

6. A Hundred Drums

Multi-instrumental bass music producer Gabrielle Watson aka A Hundred Drums has hit a balance that many artists only dream of achieving: honoring the past while simultaneously evolving her own idiosyncratic sound. Since 2006, this Denver based act has been defying genres and connecting human hearts to the beat of the dance floor with a sensual blend of nature sounds and deep bass music. 

Continuing on the path less traveled, her upcoming self-titled album – which drops on Valentine’s day – promises to depart from dubstep and delve deeper into Watson’s plethora of musical influences. While you might not believe in love at first sight, A Hundred Drums will have you falling in love at first listen. We’re beyond excited to have her at the Thunder Stage.

7. Rinzen

A homegrown Angelino, Rinzen is clearly influenced by Hollywood’s finest spectacles. Dedicated to the pursuit of wonder, Rinzen combines cinematic sound and techno production to create entire worlds with his music. In listening to Rinzen’s work, you will be whisked off on a journey that explores the depths of the human soul and propels you to awe-inspiring vistas.

As a performer, Rinzen curates this cinematic journey to even further heights. His otherworldly approach to DJing brought him to the world’s most coveted stages: from London’s legendary Printworks to Fabrik in Madrid, and now at the Woogie Stage for LIB 2020. With a slew of new label releases and festival debuts, Rinzen‘s expansive vision for his music is only just beginning to unfold and we’re all in for the ride.

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