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7 Yoga Classes To Move You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

April 10th, 2018

Lighting in a Bottle is all about getting the blood pumping, mind opened and your body moving! After a long day of dancing, unwinding with a movement or yoga session is one of the many ways to recharge and recenter. And in traditional LIB fashion, our classes are anything but ordinary.  Check out 7 Yoga & Movement classes that offer a unique experience beyond traditional yoga or getting down on the dance-floor. Whether you’re a practiced yogi or new to the mat, just come with an open mind and our incredible practitioners will take care of the rest!

ACROYOGA 101: FUNdamentals – Andrew 7 Sealy

Although acro-yoga poses may seem intimidating to the average yogi, Andrew 7 Sealy’s Acro-Yoga 101: FUNdamentals is a perfect introduction to the world of flight! Discover the beauty of human connection, grab a partner, and join Andrew to learn the how-to.

Instructor Andrew says, “ACROYOGA 101: FUNdamentals: A beginners intro to all things AcroYoga! In this partner yoga class you will learn the foundations for flight. From where to place your feet, to how AcroYogis meet and greet. Learn to give with intention and receive with gratitude as you take away some fun partner stretching techniques best for two that look really cool! We are talking solid Basing, high Flying FUN! Grab a friend”

Hoopalicious – Anah aka

Get your creative juices flowing by learning hoopdance with Anah aka Hoopalicious! Hooping has become a hugely popular activity at festivals, and Anah will teach you the basics to help you find your flow. If you’re already a hooping-pro, Anah is also offering an intermediate class to help you power up your practice.

According to Anah, “The hoop is not only an art, but it can also be a tool for transformative experience and healing, so we will touch on ways to access the deeper levels of hoop dance too.”

Ecstatic Bass Yoga – Claire Thompson and Naiad

Let Claire Thompson and DJ Naiad take you on a movement journey starting with grounding Yoga Asana and ending with ecstatic free-dance, all to the sound of bass music. Don’t be afraid to let loose and heal your body and soul through musical meditation, yoga, and dance.

A little about Claire Thompson; “Ecstatic Bass Yoga facilitator Claire Thompson has been touring the international festival scene since 2010 as a yoga, meditation and massage teacher. Claire brings together her 16 years of practice and study of the body through massage therapy, yoga, and dance, her 10 year study of Buddhism and meditation, and her love of music and background in singing and performance to create a unique experience of body.”

Deep Exhale – Cristi Christensen & Marques Wyatt

If your vibe is more deep-house than bass music, Cristi Christensen and Marques Wyatt’s Deep Exhale is the yogadance class you’ve been looking for! This upbeat dance party is fun and restorative- a perfect LIB combination.

“The experience starts with yoga movement lead by Cristi; then builds into dance, courtesy of Marques, who’s tribal, deep house rhythms are played through the entire journey. Go DEEP and partake in this soul celebration via breath, yoga, and dance.”

Dance With Me – April C Taylor

April C Taylor’s Dance With Me gets the whole family involved with her kid-friendly movement class. Engaging for all-ages, her use of stories, songs, dance, and yoga creates a fun environment that is sure to leave you smiling.

As described by April, “Enjoy some LIB time in a playful and joyous space with the whole family or just bring yourself if you want a playful practice with families!”

Quantum Harmonix 432Hz Sound Healing – Torkom Ji

If more movement and exercise is the opposite of what you find restorative after a long day of dancing, Torkom Ji’s Quantum Harmonix Sound Healing is a class you need to check out. This one of a kind experience guides participants into a state of deep relaxation and discovery through the use of sound and vibration, and many participants describe being transported through space and time.

Torkom Ji describes his class as a, “… sound based healing technology. It uses live synthesis, 432Hz pitch, sacred mathematics & harmonics, and is performed through a meditative state. All produced sounds are in accordance with natural movement & structure and have profound effects on the mind and body.”

Yoga Massage – James Kapicka

If you don’t have time to book a massage at The Haven with some of our world-class practitioners, join James Kapicka’s Yoga Massage class to relieve your sore muscles with fellow attendees. Learn the art of partner yin yoga and Thai Yoga massage to not only receive, but give.

James explains, “Come play and experience the bliss of using your hands to serve others through the healing act of conscious contact. Join YogaJames to intuitively connect with others using compassionate touch and intuitive listening. Deepen your energetic awareness through breath connection, partner yin yoga and elements of Thai Yoga massage. Together we will co-create a safe environment and cultivate trust by seeing and supporting the goodness in one another.”

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