The ABC's of LIB 2019 - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

The ABC’s of LIB 2019

March 25th, 2019

There is never a shortage of things to explore and experience at Lightning in a Bottle. For our 2019 event, we’ve got an exciting list of programming that is sure to engage seasoned LIB veterans and festival first-timers all the same. This is your one-stop-guide to all things LIB, from A to Z!


Everyone’s got a bit of a creative side, so come unleash yours at the ArtClave, LIB’s very own interactive creative space introduced in 2018. Whether you’re an experienced creator or struggle to draw stick figures, everyone is welcome to channel their inner Picasso with the ArtClave’s hands-on offerings. Don’t miss your chance to contribute to our vibrant community of artists and bring something new into the world!

Photo by Eric Allen

Buena Vista Lake

Our new home in Kern County is right alongside the beautiful Buena Vista Lake, AKA Lake LIB, and we can’t wait for our ultimate housewarming! Kern County is the perfect backdrop for the LIB experience with luscious grass, expansive terrain, and shady trees complimenting the lake’s majestic waters. Our new venue provides limitless opportunities for the LIB layout that will bring your LIB experience to a new level.


A pivotal part of the overall LIB experience is camping. From setting up your camp in an excited flurry to crashing in your sleeping bag after a jam-packed day of fun, your campsite is your home away from home for the weekend. Make the most of your camp by customizing it with some personal decor, packing only what you need to reduce waste and clutter, and taking some time to make friends with your neighbors once you’re out on the grounds.

Photo by Cameron Jordan

Dance Music

You’re probably looking at this and thinking, “Duh!” We couldn’t make a list of the ABCs of LIB without mentioning the electric sonic vibes you’ll be enjoying all weekend long. Don’t forget that dance music isn’t the only thing we do! Our 7 stages are packed to the brim with talented musicians, and with live music on the Lightning, Grand Artique, and Compass stages, there’s a little something for any and all music tastes on our diverse lineup.

Photo by Aaron Glassman


Our ethos is undeniably at the core of LIB’s mission. The entire festival experience is centered around an ethos of sustainability, harm reduction, and cultural respect, and we aim to immerse all LIBbers in joining us to maintain these ideals. Whether we’re collaborating with groups like DanceSafe to promote your festival safety or coordinating large-scale initiatives to reduce our overall carbon footprint, LIB takes great strides to curate amazing experiences by prioritizing the principles of consciousness and respect.

Photo by Get Tiny


NYC better hold on tight to the title of “the city that never sleeps,” because the Grand Artique gives them a run for their money! The old American frontier might be a thing of the past, but for LIB, the immersive town of Frontierville comes to life every year with its own hotel, school house, and fully-fledged Trading Post and General Store. Take a blast to the past while you dance the night away at the Grand Artique’s Frontierville.

Photo by Cameron Jordan

Green Team

LIB maintains a fierce commitment to sustainability, and we always kick it up a notch during the festival season to keep your experience clean and green. The Green Team is the key to this mission, and their dedicated efforts have helped us to elevate the festival experience by introducing easy and unique ways to reduce consumption and waste. Keep an eye out for their convenient recycling and composting initiatives around the grounds and most of all be sure to Pack It In & Pack It Out! Don’t leave your camp trash for the Green Team to clean up for you!

Photo by Get Tiny


We know you all want to keep the party going nonstop all weekend long, but let’s face it, our bodies aren’t made for that. Show your body some love and care throughout your time at LIB with our Health & Healing offerings. Treat your body to some massage, acupuncture, reiki, sound therapy, and more to take a much-needed break after a tiring day of fun in the sun.

Photo by Alyssa Keys


Whether you need a break from the musical stages or you just don’t want to go back to your camp at the end of the night, interactive spaces and environments immerse you in one-of-a-kind experiences all weekend long. Tie up your roller skates, climb inside a structure, or make some noise at tons of special interactive offerings that will only help to make your festival experience even more unforgettable.

Photo by Eric Allen


Smiling faces, dancing bodies, and positive vibes are abundant at LIB, and we are so grateful for that! Our goal is always to provide an environment for all festival-goers to enjoy extraordinary moments together, because we want everyone to remember that life is special and worthy of celebration. The joy of being alive, being present, and being united is central to the LIB experience, so let loose and smile ~ it’s contagious!

Photo by Aaron Glassman

Kids & Families

Believe it or not, LIB is a wonderful getaway for the entire family! With programs at the Kidz Zone and Teen Scene specifically curated for your little ones, there are plenty of inclusive family-friendly activities to participate in throughout the festival. Set up your camp in our safe and mellow family camping area, and connect with other LIB-loving families for an even more fun and fulfilling experience.

Photo by Mario Covic

Live Painting

What happens when you mix over 40 artists, blank canvases, art supplies, and 5 days of unadulterated fun? You get our live painting and artwalk, featuring the incredible artwork of dozens of talented visionary artists. Come watch as they breathe life into our festival with their impressive skills, and get ready to be blown away by their completed artwork during Sunday’s silent auction.

Photo by Get Tiny


We know you’ll be dancing, jumping, and vibing all weekend to our amazing lineup of musical performers, but you need to save your energy for some of the amazing movement classes we have planned! From acro-yoga to hula-hooping, each class is a safe and welcoming space for people at any athletic level to take their body to new heights. If you’re more of the competitive type, check out the Must-Dash 5K Run to get your body rocking and rolling against your fellow LIBers.

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda


A core aspect of the LIB ethos is honoring the land upon which LIB is held. Show your gratitude for the amazing natural beauty of Kern County by being mindful and conscious of what you bring upon the land. Our goal is always to minimize trash, wasteful consumption, and the presence of “MOOP” (matter out of place) at our grounds. We want to effectively preserve the land that we are celebrating on, and we work to get everyone on board with our “Leave It Better” mission of nature preservation and care.

Photo by Jacob Avanzato


You never know who you might meet at LIB. From the group sprawled out in the camp next to yours or the dancer next to you who is flying solo, being open to sharing experiences with those around you can spark magic. Try saying yes to something new, attending a workshop exploring something you’ve never heard of, or striking up a conversation with a friendly stranger nearby. These moments of openness and sponentiaty contribute so much to our festival experience, so we encourage you to actively participate at LIB!

Photo by Aaron Glassman

Performance Art

Performers don’t always need lights, speakers, and a stage to create unforgettable and impactful art at LIB. Our immersive performers are sure to attract your attention while you’re out enjoying our grounds, so take some time and enjoy the uniquely talented performance artists that blow us away year after year.

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Quenched Thirst

Whether you’re looking to hydrate with some good ol’-fashioned H2O or just a straight up Old Fashioned, you can find anything you want to quench your thirst at LIB. We encourage everyone to ditch the plastic water bottles and turn to our free water stations with a reusable bottle or cup. If you’re in the mood for a bigger kick, we have a wide selection of ice-cold beer, local wine, and delicious cocktails across our seven bars to fuel your weekend.

Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom


Respect for culture, land, ourselves, and others is another principle at the heart of the LIB mission. One of the 6 Ways of LIBing calls for recognizing and respecting personal boundaries, and practicing awareness of how we affect others. This goes hand-in-hand with practically all of our other Ways of LIBing, as respect is the foundation upon which amazing relationships are built and unforgettable memories are made during the festival.

Photo by Aaron Glassman


Our vibrant structures and stages are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of LIB. From artsy favorites like the Dragonflies to absolutely massive stages like Wapiti, the striking design and architecture of the structures makes walking around the LIB grounds seem like something out of your wildest dreams. Snap a picture from afar or take an up-close and personal view of our structures to enjoy the work our talented team puts in to bringing these to life.

Photo by Hailley Howard

Talks & Workshops

You might not think of an arts and music festival to be a place to gain knowledge, but LIB is here to enrich your festival experience with unique learning opportunities. Connect with vibrant global cultures, prepare a delicious meal in the Learning Kitchen, or engage with world-renowned experts at the Compass, your one-stop-shop for all things education. You can return home with a new skill, new knowledge, or new insight that will stick with you and affect the way you see the world.

Photo by Eric Allen


Taking a look around LIB is an experience in and of itself. LIBers contribute to shaping the festival experience with eccentric and unique outfits that serve as creative expression and comfort all at once. LIB is the perfect place to express your uniqueness and individuality while celebrating the beauty and originality of others. Don’t hold anything back while you dress to express and embrace what makes you, you!

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda


What you put in your body affects what you get out of it, and that’s no different at a festival! That’s why LIB is committed to providing a wide variety of food offerings throughout the weekend to fulfill any diet and please any palette. Our carefully-selected vendors offer tons of sustainable and locally-sourced meal options to help you dine deliciously, consciously, and responsibly. Check out our great vendors to enjoy a tasty meal packed with all the energy you need to take on whatever LIB throws at you.

Photo by Aaron Gautschi


The Woogie Stage is one of the staples of the musical experience at LIB. This iconic stage has expanded a ton over the last few years, and is now a go-to spot for the hottest music around. This year, the Woogie stage is home to talented LIB alum and newcomers including Lane 8, DJ Koze, and Damian Lazarus, and you won’t want to miss what they’ve got up their sleeves here. When you’re at the Woogie, all you’ll want to do is boogie (try saying that 5 times fast).

Photo by Aaron Glassman


There is so much to see, do, taste, try, and listen to at LIB. Whether you’re scheduling out your ultimate LIB weekend or going with the flow and following whatever piques your interest, staying true to yourself and encountering new experiences is what LIB is all about. With so many different topics, artists, and structures to explore, there is no limit to the things to do at LIB.

Photo by Jamal Eid


In between your favorite musical acts, give your body some TLC with the one-of-a-kind yoga offerings in the Compass. No matter what your experience level is, our professional instructors will lead you through a moment of peace and tranquility to re-energize your body. If you’re after something a little more upbeat to keep your energy going all day long, check out a class that combines yoga with an unexpected twist, like acrobatics or dance.

Photo by Jacob Avanzato

Zendo Project

There is a lot of energy in the air at LIB, and if you find yourself getting overwhelmed, the Zendo Project is there to help. In line with our commitment to harm reduction, the Zendo Project houses a safe haven with trained professionals to provide individualized support through any difficult experiences that may arise. With a convenient location by our medical tents, the Zendo Project ensures that you are safe and cared for at all times during LIB.

Photo by Aaron Glassman