ADA at LIB - Lightning In A Bottle


Lightning in a Bottle is accessible to all guests with disabilities. It is our goal to continually make the festival more accessible, and we thank you for your support and participation.

Wheelchair Accessibility
The venue is fully navigable for people with mobility disabilities with the assistance of our Accessibility Team. ADA camping/parking is conveniently located near the main points of activity. Thus there are accessible pathways throughout the event grounds. Our Accessibility team will provide transportation to people that need extra assistance getting where they need to go. To request a ride, please check in at the Access Center, which is located just inside Gate 10A from New Pleyto Rd.

Access Center
All accessibility-related inquiries can be answered at our Access Center. This is the location to request accessibility accommodations, recharge wheelchair batteries and/or the other assistive technology requiring electrical charging, as well as store medical equipment or just get some relief from the sun.

ATM’s and Concessions are fully accessible and located throughout the venue. If assistance is required please confer with a festival staff member.

A separate ADA lot will be available for patrons with a handicap placard and the applicable proof that that placard belongs to them. Please follow signage or ask staff upon entering the festival how to access this lot.

For ADA patrons who are camping, there is a camping lot with close proximity to the festival entrance and is located close to all activity areas/stages, and is located just inside Gate 10A from New Pleyto Rd. To gain access to this lot, a handicap placard and paperwork to show that it belongs to person requesting access will be required, in addition to a camping pass. For campers in RV’s please contact us in advance at

First Aid
We have several First Aid locations that are noted on the festival maps. Professional medical staff can help you with your medical needs at these locations.

Pets & Service Animals
No animals or pets of any kind are permitted at Lightning in a Bottle (except your spirit animal of course!). Only legitimately trained service animals are permitted. The festival environment can be very unhealthy for house pets and emotional support animals, and can take a severe toll on their mental state. This means:

NO Emotional Support Animals
NO Therapy Dogs
NO Exceptions

Trained service animals are permitted on a case-by-case basis. All service animals need to be registered at the Tolls upon entry into the festival grounds, and will be issued specific credentials. All service animals must be housebroken and under the proper care of the handler. Please keep in mind, it is illegal to fraudulently claim that your pet is a legitimate service animal. Please contact our ADA department for more information HERE.

If you need to make arrangements for pet care, here are some highly reputable options, which are close by:

Vineyard Kennels
330 Ambush Trl
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-1330

Canterbury Tails Dog Resort
6970 Benton Rd
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 467-0021

Viewing Platform
There will be accessible viewing areas made available to ADA patrons who may need to see above the crowd. AVAs will be located for Thunder and Lightning stages. For access, please visit the Access Center.

Effective Communication Requests
There will be several options available for ADA patrons who are hard of hearing. There will be Hearing Loops provided for the Thunder and Lightning stages, as well as assisted listening devices available at the Access Center (you will need to leave your government issued ID with us until you return the device). We will also have American Sign Language Interpreters (available upon request) to provide sign for requested performances. If you require an ASL Interpreter, please contact PLEASE NOTE: Requests must be made no later than three weeks before LIB to allow for sufficient processing time.

Visual Accommodations
We will be providing daily guided tours throughout the venue. If you would like a guided tour, please contact or come by the Access Center once onsite.
In continually trying to make our festival more accessible, we encourage you to contact us at for any of your accessibility-related needs. Additionally, if you have any questions about policies or our services please contact us.

Once onsite, if you have additional questions, feel free to stop by the Access Center to talk with LIB’s ADA Compliance Coordinator.