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Your LIB 2019 ArtClave Classes Are Here!

April 4th, 2019

Back for the second year, the ArtClave is LIB’s experiential art area that features classes on various types of art! Cultivated and created by a community of artists and creators, ArtClave’s environment invites attendees of every skill level to activate the artist within. We want you to leave the ArtClave having learned something, along with a tangible memento to remember your LIB experience.

With classes ranging from drawing, bodypainting, jewelry-making, journal-binding, and much more ~ there is something for everyone to hone their creative skills and make something beautiful.

This year, the Artclave will also have a print shop where you’ll be able to purchase artwork created by LIB’s live painters and ArtClave instructors!

So before heading off to dance the night away, make sure to stop by the ArtClave to take a class, check out the art gallery, or just sit and watch your fellow LIB’ers create magic! Read below to see the full list of offerings.

Art Must Be Easy: Drawing Techniques by Adam One

Using the simplest of tools, pads of paper and ballpoint pens, participants are invited to draw along on a quest to free that inner child once more and find ease in creation. At first a foundation is developed with instruction on several simple techniques that artists use throughout their entire career, from start to finish. Knowing these approaches will instantly improve the work of any artist accomplished through a draw along exercise covering all techniques in one creation.

Bookbinding: Make your own LIB Journal! by Amy Kells

Learn how to use paper and up-cycled materials to make a basic travel note book! Perfect for jotting down late-night epiphanies or writing down the contact info for all the new friends you are sure to meet at LIB!

Body as Canvas: Body Painting Basics by Radhika Hersey & R.I.O Sirah

We will be teaching the art of bodypainting as well showing how the freedom of painting ourselves and each other can bond our connection with humanity, heart and spirit

Build an Earth Mandala by Megan Sara

Using found objects like seedpods, leaves, flowers, shells and rocks collected on nature walks, Megan deconstructs these natural elements into temporary Earth mandalas. Each mandala features seasonal color and geometric pattern that represents a microcosm of the universe. Express yourself in this hands-on creative practice!

Collaborative Expression: Painting Without Attachment by Asirios

An exploration into what it means to create without attachment.

Crochet Your Way To Happiness! by Odyssey Designs

In this workshop, attendees will learn the basics of crochet! Just show up & be ready to learn. You will get started on the basic principals of crochet & be provided with the tools necessary to complete any project at your own pace.

Cult Making 101: Crew Symbol Design by White Cube Society

White Cube Society is an artist collective based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a group of multi talented creators who love making spaces for individuals to connect and resonate with their own highest potential. Our work started with throwing underground warehouse parties in our own venue for two years, and has now morphed into creating installations for festivals along running an internet based radio station similar to Boiler Room.

For ArtClave this year, we would like to bring a special presentation about what we have learned from these experiences, and translate it into a humorous class that can help students understand how to organize with their friends and take on projects together.

Digital Mandala Activations of the Higher Self: Mixed Media by Benedigital

Create a visual mantra which celebrates your own personal journey (a higher self portrait) and set high frequency intentions within yourself and the work you will be creating. Attract the abundance you desire in your life by harnessing the creative energy you carry within and create a self portrait using digitally created mandalas and figures as used by visionary artist Benedigital. The higher self portraits created in this mixed media workshop can open doors into how you visualize creating art and where you visualize yourself within the multidimensional universe. Self portraits can be taken home and placed on your altars or meditation spaces to assist in manifesting your goals. No art experience necessary, just an open mind and heart.

Doodle Flow Sketch Storytelling: Art Therapy by Party Snail

Discover the power of your subconscious through the art of doodling with Party Snail. Connect, share, and explore the inner workings of your mind by learning how to turn doodles into insights. Materials are available for the first 24 participants but do not hesitate to bring your own!

Free your Mind, Free your Hair!: Hair Crafting by Dreece

Demonstrating how to create hairstyles without boundaries.

Headwear Design: Basics of Millinery by Ava Youssefi

Join fine artist and costume designer Ava Youssefi on a journey into the enchanting realm of headwear. Ava will be your guide, sharing her process and teaching you the basics of millinery. Learn how to channel your character and magnify your innate magical persona. Materials will be provided, however please feel free to bring personal talismans to include while designing your very own crowning masterpiece. Come be inspired and create a one-of-a-kind headdress you can wear with pride.

Paper Metamorphosis – From Two Dimensions Into Three by Jeff Morrical

Learn a folding technique that creates a single cell. When repeated and combined with other cells, it opens the doors to new and fantastic geometric bodies.

Serpent Wire Wrap with Kundalini Meditation: Jewlery Making by Itzli-Children of Venus

This workshop will show students how to wire wrap a serpent shaped ring while we meditate on our kundalini energy.

Shibari: Japanese Rope Art by Pirate Gentleman

The art of Japanese rope bondage and the use of rope to create visual intricate patterns on the body.

Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling by Hamid Naemeh

Suminagashi is the ancient Japanese technique of painting on water to create marbleized effects on paper. make your own suminagashi creations in this class such as cards and more.

Exploring Projections Through Painting: Art Therapy by Party Snail

A beginner’s workshop in exploring subconscious projections using art therapy techniques. Connect and explore your heart’s energy through painting!

Watercolor Painting Techniques : From the Fundamental to the Experimental! by Amy Kells

In this class, participants can learn basic techniques like mixing colors and laying down washes, as well as experiment with the unique properties of watercolor by creating drips and adding texture with salt and other materials.