The Benefits of a Solo Adventure at LIB - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

The Benefits of a Solo Adventure at LIB

May 9th, 2018

Never been to LIB? No problem. Making friends is easy whether you experience the festival as a group of newbies or you show up alone for your first LIB! From out of this world encounters in our immersive areas to funkadelic beats that will propel you through new musical dimensions on the dancefloor, you are sure to find at LIB. In fact, if you’re one of the many brave enough to go it alone, here are just a few of our favorite perks you’re likely to find in a casual stroll about the grounds of Lightning In A Bottle.

Your New Best Friend Awaits

If you’re looking for the friendliest vibes in abundance then LIB is where you need to be. You can get your groove on at the Woogie and as the Techno beats are pulsing you just might find yourself dancing alongside your new best friend; you simply both just don’t know it yet. Maybe as you are setting up your home base in the campsite you will find that your unknown camp mates will invite you over to review the festival guide while enjoying a few pre-festival festivities. Away from the hustle of highways and the confines of cubicles, there are really no strangers here, simply friends you have yet to meet and vibe with. Who knows, you may even end up camping next to your future husband or wife.

The Flow Is Always Flowing: Go With It

The best part of the solo experience is that you just never know what you may cross paths with. The flow is always flowing and as you may take on the festival with one squad the first day you can find yourself going through a completely different experience the next. There is no defined festival experience so drop your expectations and any pre-conceived notions you may have. Open up to Lightning In A Bottle as a whole with open arms and a free-flowing perspective and we promise it will be the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.

Photo by Marco Prelic

Radical Self Expression

Come as you are and express yourself with the unique gifts that make you, well you. This is the place to embrace your inner weird and let it shine through whatever makes you happy. Whether that means pouncing around in a tiger onesie from stage to stage or strapping rechargeable LED lights to every inch of your body, here you are free from judgment and encouraged to let your imagination run wild. Don’t worry, you definitely will not be alone. We’re all weird here. It’s how we know that when we’re together we’re family and it’s why so many call Lightning in a Bottle “home”.

Follow Your Ears, Nose, & Heart

Set out to the sound healing booth can be hosting an active session and as you walk by the reverberating vibrations it radiates smell the Pizza scent filling the air. As your tongue tingles with curiosity and your nose begs to indulge in all of the premium food choices along the food marketplace a rhythm pulls you to the dancefloor. There you revel in bass from every direction as you connect with your favorite artists on colorful stages and intimate settings. Walk all the way to the front, bask in the sounds of a moment you’ll remember forever.

Are you ready for a solo adventure at LIB?