Big Art Installation Lineup - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Big Art Installation Lineup

May 2nd, 2018

Music is far from the only thing to explore at LIB, the gigantic art pieces and interactive environments around every turn will welcome you to experience something beautiful, new, strange, funny, and out of your comfort zone. For just a small glimpse into what you will experience, here are the Big Art & Interactive Areas that will be at LIB this year…

The ZOA by Chromaforms Art Collective

Founded by artist/engineer Martin Taylor who envisioned a series of sculptures that would encourage audiences to reconnect with their inner child and rediscover their sense of wonder and play.

Fotia by Clay McCabe

Fotia represents strength, resilience, potential for growth and renewal in the chaos of the world. This chaos is our fire, and from the fire there is opportunity to rise anew.

ZOO FUN by crafthouse design + zieght project

A rather tall family of friendly creatures follow their curiosity towards a place full of prancing electric light and dancing shadows framing a piece of the vast sky. Created by Crafthouse Design in collaboration with the lighting artists, Zieght Project.

Tree Of Many by Craig Lange

A single tree composed of multiple trees; the many creating the one. This piece makes use of natural and recycled materials to create a space reserved for rest and relaxation.

Reaching Through by Jessica Levine

A steel kinetic light sculpture consisting of 5 tube-like structures that flow up towards the sky in forms resembling coral or plants. It is made kinetic by the use of suspension springs salvaged from retired trucks.


A revival of ancient symbols that have existed on earth for thousands of years. Meditat3 seeks to explore the forgotten ways of our ancestral bodies, triggered by sonic-meditative experiences that are able to decode the human system and unlock the bodies innate ability to self healing.

Sapphire & Turquoise Portals by TransPortals

Installations for participants to interact, relax and meditate within. Through the use of sacred geometry, colors and sound vibrations, they can harmonize participant’s multidimensional vibrational energy body with the evolution of the Earth’s geometric grid to facilitate an evolution of consciousness.

Woogie Stage by Glitzern Grime

This year’s Woogie Stage will be a colossal installation with a series of contours to form organic structures that will tower over the area and create a canopy of optical pleasure. Continued shapes of each structure will create a prismatic layered paradigm of reflective substrate, color and digital print that will generate a lucid flow over the dance floor.

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