Dear LIB Community Draft - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

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Refund Update: 7.17.2020 (add’l update 11.06.20)


Despite our best efforts and attempts in obtaining additional funds, we were only able to acquire enough to represent a refund of 50% and we are finally in the process of refund submission.  Emails went out at 4pm beginning July 17th to only those who submitted for the Refund Pool prior to July 17, 2020.  The email provides the process in obtaining your refund, please check your email and follow the instructions.  If you think you have not received it, please check your spam mail.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at .  Again, this refund offer is only valid for those who submitted to the Refund Pool Prior to July 17th and did not submit a transfer to a future year and has not and will not file a chargeback dispute with your financial institution. 


Further Important Clarification:  If you continue to receive emails to please “Take Action to process your refund”, please follow the waiver link in the email you received and simply sign the waiver.


There will not be another offer of a larger refund, the maximum refund amount is 50%.  If we had 100% of the funds, we would have refunded everyone in a heartbeat.  There are a limited amount of funds for issuing refunds, so please take action in order to receive the refund.


Once the waiver is signed, your refund will process in 48 hours.


CHARGEBACKS: Please note, if you had filed a dispute through your bank or financial institution on any one of your orders this is a Chargeback.  Chargebacks are not requests for refunds through us, they are claim disputes against our company and have their own risks involved should you decide to go the chargeback route.  Chargebacks stay open for up to a year, therefore in order for us to determine what we had and have available to pay, all those who had filed chargebacks or decide to file a chargeback are automatically ineligible for a refund.  Again, if you had filed a chargeback dispute at any time on any one of your orders, you may not have received the email nor would you be eligible for the options mentioned above.  If you had filed a chargeback claim, please do not contact a Do LaB or email address, we have nothing do with your chargeback.  Again, due to the nature of chargebacks, please keep in mind that even if your chargeback claim “refund” reverses, you are still not eligible for a refund or transfer through us.


PREVIOUS SELCTIONS OF FORGO/TRANSFERS:  If you had opted to Forgo or Transfer one or more of your purchases, those remain as you had selectedOnly submissions made into the Refund Pool prior to July 17 are eligible for the refund.


If you know you were in the Refund Pool prior to July 17th AND do not have a chargeback dispute claim with your bank, you have been sent multiple emails on the refund process so please check for all of the following;

  • Check your SPAM mail for emails from or . 
  • If you still have not located the email and have changed your email that was originally associated with your purchase, please contact immediately so that we can get you what you need.


TRANSFERS:  For those opting to Transfer to a future LIB, your ticket will transfer at full value. **The offered VIP upgrade is only for those who have transferred to LIB 2022. Again, if you had made any other submission other than the refund pool prior to July 17th, you are not eligible for the refund.


REFUND PROCESS:  Refunds are generally taking 48 hours to process once the waiver is signed and received. Refunds are being made based on priority to those who submitted refund submission on all of their orders and signed the waiver. Payment plans each have a unique order number and are being paid out individually.  Credit card processing regulations stipulate that all refunds must go to the original card in which the purchase was made.  In the event your card was replaced or no longer in use, you must contact the financial institution that you had obtained your card through to collect your funds.  In the event there are any issues refunding to the original card on file, you will be contacted on resolution.  Please note, total maximum refund is 50%, you have the option to take the 50% refund now or opt to transfer to a future LIB at full value.


Only one waiver submission is necessary, please note; multiple waiver submissions will not make the refund process faster or will it get you another refund.  Submitting more than once makes the process for all refunds longer than it needs to take.  Additional note – you cannot sign a waiver on a “friends” behalf, the waiver must be signed by the individual who paid for the ticket and who’s email address is associated with the original purchase.


We apologize for the inconvenience, this was the only way to best refund all those who had submitted for a refund, had read all of our communication, followed instructions and reached out along the way.



Refund Update: 7.08.2020


We want to update you and let you know we deeply appreciate your patience with us and completely understand the financial hardship most of you are in. To be fully transparent and let you know where we currently stand; we have (to date) raised just over $206,000 through our GoFundMe and government SBA loans. In total with the mentioned funds along with returned Artist deposits, we are currently at a refund return rate of only 45%. Because it is our true intent to get all of you as close to “whole” as possible with your refund, we have also recently reapplied for an additional loan, and given the type of business we are, the process has taken much longer than we had originally anticipated and posing to be more challenging.


We apologize for the process and length of time this has all taken however and at this point, we are hoping to be closer to securing these additional funds. The amount we will be approved for is still currently unknown however and once again, we are hoping it will get you all as close to “whole” as possible.  That being said, if the funds received do not make it to 100%, you will again be given the opportunity to take the percentage amount at that point or opt instead for a transfer to 2021 or 2022.


If there are any of you who have opted for a refund and have currently found themselves in a more positive financial situation and have the ability or would like to transfer or donate your ticket, please do so by simply resubmitting to the order form or contacting us through .






Transfer Update: 7.08.2020


For those of you who have transferred your ticket(s) to 21 or 22 (which includes a VIP upgrade), additional information will be emailed to you as we get closer to the event dates. If you have questions or would like to confirm that your transfer to 2021 or 2022 has been made, please contact


Once again, we thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation. We do understand this is a very trying time for everyone and we hope to get resolution on all of this shortly.


For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at


With sincere gratitude and appreciation

The Do LaB