How to Find Your Ultimate Squad at LIB - Lightning In A Bottle

How to Find Your Ultimate Squad at LIB

March 12th, 2018 - LIB

Lighting in a Bottle is a life-changing experience for many of the attendees, full of adventures, unforgettable moments, and eye-opening educational experiences. However, the journey to having a truly transformational experience isn’t an easy one. Along with physical and mental stamina, music festivals require an openness to new experiences and people which can be challenging for some.

And of course one of the best parts of music festivals is sharing the experience with your closest friends! But choosing a festival squad is no easy tasks, and is a vital part of planning for your trip. How do you find your ultimate squad? We’ve come up with several key questions to ask yourself while deciding who to surround yourself with for the ultimate festival experience.

Lightning in a Bottle 2017 • Photo by Scott London

  1. What’s Their Vibe?

Positivity is crucial. Unfortunately, sometimes people can have a bad attitude when placed in taxing experiences that require patience and acceptance. Festivals are a place where everyone should feel free to express themselves in unique ways, and people with a negative outlook can make others feel insecure and uncomfortable being themselves. This is why attitude and outlook are so important. We suggest bringing free-spirited friendly folks who are open to new experiences. The strung-out loons with a “came here just to party” mentality tend to be a tad stressful for such environments.

  1. What Do They Bring To The Table?

Along with a good attitude, it’s also important to ask not only what you will bring to the festival, but what others in the crew will be able to contribute. We don’t always consider the fact that having camping gear, maybe a car camping pass or even an RV, might be a key part of your experience.

Your squad should consist of individuals that are team players who can help out one another. It’s never fun to have someone completely unprepared who requires everyone in your squad to take care of them. Self-reliance is important to practice at camping music festivals and making sure you have the essentials will help you have the best time possible. Creating a checklist for yourself and your camp will help this process.

Also, outside of the equipment, there are individuals that simply know their music and might open up your ears to some new tunes. Some people might motivate you to attend talks and yoga classes that you would’ve otherwise missed. It’s not a bad idea to extend an offer to those with different tastes; after all, you are going to the same festival and exploring new things is an important part of the experience.

Lightning in a Bottle 2017 • Photo by Scott London


  1. What’s Their Experience Level?

After the first few festivals, it’s possible that you feel about as well versed in the festival life as can be. But at the very beginning, it was impossible to know what to expect. We frequently depended on those that have been to music festivals before. Although, as we mentioned earlier, it’s important to have some semblance of self-reliance sometimes it’s difficult for first timers to fully prepare.

Veterans not only help newbies who forget to pack things like a warm coat, but serve as fun-loving spirit guides who know the ins and outs of everything the festival has to offer. If your crew only consists of first-timers, you may miss out on some truly mind-blowing hidden gems in the varied festival landscape.

Every team could use a pro and your squad is no exception.

At the end of it all, it comes down to accepting people, being prepared, and wanting to have a good time. It’s not the size of your squad that matters, but the cohesion of the group and their willingness to leave hang-ups behind and embrace the incredible weekend ahead. If you and your team can check off these 3 steps, you’ve got yourself an awesome festi-fam that’s guaranteed to have the time of their lives, together.

We look forward to seeing your squads at Lightning in a Bottle May 8th -13th!

All that’s left is to assemble your crew and make sure everyone has their tickets before they’re sold out!

Lightning in a Bottle 2017 • Photo by Scott London