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LIB’s 2018 Interactive Environments & Activities Lineup

May 3rd, 2018

Music is far from the only thing to explore at LIB, the gigantic art pieces and interactive environments around every turn will welcome you to experience something beautiful, new, strange, funny, and out of your comfort zone. For just a small glimpse into what you will experience, here are the Big Art & Interactive Areas that will be at LIB this year…

One Time Happening Activities

MustDash 5K Run

This is the second year of the run and we expect nothing less, so start training, hit the thrift stores to put your costume together and drink your milk to boost your mustache growth! REGISTER HERE.

When: Friday! Runner check-in: 9am. Race and Awards Ceremony: 10am
Starting line: in front of the Lightning Stage

3rd Annual Invitational Soap Box Derby

Hosted by the Grand Artique. This is the event where all the dare-devils come together! We will see teams race down a steep and exhilarating hill to claim the championship title. Registration is not open to the public, but come on down and be witness to the spectacle!

When: Saturday! Car lineup: 2pm-3pm. Race and awards ceremony: 3pm-5pm.
Where: On the hill in between the Woogie and Compass peninsulas, in the middle of the festival

Pots & Pans Parade

Search in the back of your old cupboards and grab that dusty old pot and wooden spoons, as those will be your instruments for sharing joy and making noise. The Sidle Entertainment Drumline will be leading the pack and you’ll see other festival performers alongside you too! No pan left behind. REGISTER HERE to get full details emailed to you. Registration is not mandatory and anybody can join, but having a head count allows us to plan better.

When: Sunday! Formation: 5pm. Parade: 5:30pm.
Meeting Point: Kidz Zone

New Environments In 2018


The Liminal Project by Hans Walør, Miles Toland & Leif Wold

A mural exhibition / art gallery / tea lounge.

Lost? by Ian Tuma of Lost Creations

Come one, Come all who are Lost… What you seek, you will not find here… a kaleidoscopic experience of sound, performance, and fear. Open the doors of imagination, pick the locks of perception, step into the Lost Creation. Visit their website.

The Fungineers: Ice Cream Truck

The Fungineers are a psychedelic hip hop kids show for adults! They will be debuting their brand new magical ice cream truck stage! featuring afternoon and late night shows and free Acai ice cream cones!

The Sideways Room

The Sideways Room is made to replicate a living room flipped on its side. This is an interactive installation so climbing on top of the cube and drawing on the white ceiling are okay! Follow them on Instagram.

The Hideout

We all built forts as kids, and now we are building the ultimate adult playground.

Black Box by Ryan Ciolli and W. C. Thornton

Black Box is a multi-room exploration of the concepts of loss, sentimentality, decay, disappointment, forgotten plans, identity and relationship with authority.

Jellyfish Experience by Jake Hartman

Fully immersive and interactive, multi-dimensional psychedelic jellyfish field. Dance, wiggle, bobble, and wobble with these jelly’s from the bubble dimensions. See more of Jake’s work here.

Treewalkers Treehouse

A society of treehouse builders and students that educates and empowers its members to build treehouse experiences in a collectively owned network of rentable treehouse accommodations. Treewalkers delivers the imperative message that it is possible to start living in harmony with nature now … off the grid. See more of Dustin’s treehouses here.

Renegade Pinbowl

Your dad’s bowling league has nothing on Renegade PinBowl! It won’t be easy knocking down the pins on our pinball-inspired lanes, but we hope you are up for the challenge.

Rink-a-Dink Roller Rink

Our ’80s themed rink will have the best jams for couples skate and nachos for when you need a break on the sidelines. We will have skates that you can check out or bring your own. The Bijoulette singing clown troupe will be on hand to add some fun games and surprises.

The Bottle & See Do Snails by Zach Dragovich

The Bottle’s not dead, it just deserves to die when it becomes another hipster saloon; a close-minded self-centered social club for a bunch of trendy baboons. See more of Zach’s art on his Instagram.

Unicorn Palace by Highlove Company

The Unicorn Palace is an immersive late-night space with variety shows to help you unwind and be entertained after the main stages wrap. Nightly performances include Vaudeville, Burlesque, comedy, aerial, live music and more.

Returning Favorites

Do-Over! Beauty Salon & Barber Shop

Part game show, part beauty salon & barber shop, this is the place to get some laughs and get that high-fashion look that you only see in the movies. Join performer troupe Fou Fou Ha who will guide you in spinning the wheel of misfortune. Once your destiny is decided, the LA Sirenes stylists will whip you into shape before you hit the runway.

When: Friday-Sunday 2-7pm
Where: Next to the Thunder Stage

Grand Artique’s Frontierville

Make sure you visit one of LIB’s staples, The Grand Artique’s town of Frontierville, on your festival adventures. Returning for the 8th year in a row they’re bringing their fully immersive Trading Post/General Store, hotel, gypsy encampment and of course an eclectic music line up for the masses. Full 2018 GA Highlight of Happenings coming next week!

Boogaloo City by Dirty Beetles

Boogaloo City is a late night destination area with it’s main attraction being Boogaloo the art car. The Dirty Beetles created Magic when they transformed this 1981 international school bus into a giant Rhino Beetle. Visit their website to learn more about the crew.

Fire Flow Zone hosted by Fire Groove Gear

In celebration of the growing fire performer community, LIB will be hosting the Fire Flow Zone once again! This is a safe and interactive circle open up to public. We’ll have opening performances from: Friday: HeLLaMaNa Saturday: Love in the Fire Sunday: Pyroxotic.

When: Friday-Sunday, 10pm-2am
Where: adjacent to the Pagoda Bar

Gong Sanctuary

Experience the healing sound vibrations of Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Native Flutes and a variety of other instruments. Guests will lay down in savasana as the vibrations fill the sanctuary and bathe us in sacred sound.

Grandma’s House by Tigre Bailando

Grandma’s House is a witchy old house on a hill- smells of sage smoke and tea, sounds of brass bells and bone songs. Grandma is always waiting, welcoming you into sanctuary- to share stories, to share silence, to share secrets whispered into candle light. Visit Tigre Bailando’s website.

White Library by Jade Mangiafico and the Vujade Collective

Imagine a world where every surface is a canvas for your imagination and dreams to find a home. A home where the walls are filled with the thoughts and ideas of great thinkers, poets and lovers. Visit the Vujade Collective’s website.

Jive Joint

The Jive Joint is a destination, discovery, and journey all wrapped up in to one. As an art installation, it features a quirky New Orleans style, jazzy, colorful house complete with a front yard and white picket fence that is a perfect visual addition to any festival. Visit the Jive Joint’s website.

Om Shan Tea

Enjoy Chinese tea ceremony style service offered freely in a beautiful, comfortable, safe drug and alcohol free space. With live music and performance art every day and night. Come treat your 5 senses. Open 24 hours. Presented by The Om Shan Tea Community and The Tea House Collective.

The Funn Machine by Dan Das Mann

The Funn Machine is the modern digital calliope – a culmination of sound, lights, bubbles, sparkle, and Funn smashed on a 1973 Cushmann mini car! Visit their website now.

The Great Bingo Revival

The Great Bingo Revival is the captivating 1970’s throwback interactive game show, founded and is hosted by the Reverend Rusty Reams, North America’s #1 bingo caller. The show features a multi-genre soundtrack dj’d 100% live and all rooted in classic soul, funk and disco music. Visit their website now.

Meditation Mountain by Nature’s Dreams and HeartLand Collective

Meditation Mountain is presented as a collaboration between Nature’s Dreams and the Heartland Collective. . A space for deep meditation, prayer, ceremony, connection, sunsets, sunrises, and more.





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