Introducing CTRL-Z! - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Introducing CTRL-Z!

February 13th, 2020

Attention cosmic explorers and boogie-nauts, buckle up and prepare for launch… You’re officially invited to join us on a mission to LIB’s newest intergalactic music playground. Welcome to CTRL-Z

Abandoned space station turned party portal, CTRL-Z is LIB’s new house and techno underground for day ravers and nightcrawlers alike. Similar to its predecessor The Favela, CTRL-Z’s infrastructure will be built from recycled space junk, and equipped with even more platforms, hideaways and nooks to explore! 

Astro-mixmaster and CTRL-Z curator, Patricio Motta, will be leading this year’s musical journey into supersonic space. Attendees can expect much of the same funky flavor we’ve grown to love, with some new cosmic energy thrown into the mix.

Explore the CTRL-Z lineup now, listen to artists, and start building your custom lineup for LIB this Memorial Day Weekend!

Keep an eye out for the Grand Artique & Compass Music lineups dropping next week!

The Official CTRL-Z Playlist