Introvert's Guide to LIB - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Introvert’s Guide to LIB

March 10th, 2020

You’re standing in the middle of the crowd feeling your heart pulse to the beat as the music compels you to move like nobody’s watching. You’re in a sea of strangers in your own world, yet connected to everyone through the music. This is a feeling of festival bliss for us introverts. Let’s hope no one ruins it with casual small talk.

Seeking out meaningful connections from our fellow human beings and avoiding ones of superficiality, festivals offer more opportunities for deep connection than the real world. Despite the fun we have in this environment, it can leach our energy quicker than our extroverted counterparts. So how can we make it from Wednesday to Monday? Lightning in a Bottle is more than crowds and stages with thumping music, it’s a vibrant world of sanctuaries and havens for whatever mood you’re in.

If you want to recharge

If you’ve used up your social batteries, slip away for a sound bath at The Gong Sanctuary. Here you’ll lay in calm relaxing bliss while sound vibrations of gongs and chimes cradle you into a deep meditative state. Let the sounds take you inward to recharge.

If it’s a quieter recharge you seek, stop by the beautiful and shaded Meditation Grove for a guided meditation or simply find solace under the tree grove for a quiet moment of bliss. Either way, you’ll leave centered and energized for your next round of socializing.

If you want to experience

Looking for soul connections with your fellow LIBers? Let the tea house collective, Om Shan Tea warm you up with its warm cups and open hearts. The delicious tea blends rejuvenate and calm, opening up the channels for deep conversations. This is the place where you’re likely to turn a stranger into a new BFF.

Or head to somewhere in the Caribbean where Playa Relámpago will be hosting a LIB book club. The goal of the book club is to discover authors from all around the world and backgrounds, and celebrate stories that may not always get the spotlight. Bookworms unite–it’s all about connection, discovery and deep discussions. If you’re interested in joining the LIB book club sign up here.

If you want to learn

At LIB, The Compass learning and culture programming offers a variety of sanctuaries for introverts. Express yourself through your artistic inclinations at the ArtClave or put your creative energy to work making leather goods at Earth Arts.

The Cauldron offers an outlet for your need to connect deeply with mother earth and the universe. Head here to feed your thirst for knowledge on how to make the world a more caring and sustainable place.

If you want to unwind

Perhaps you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Stop by the Haven, breathe in and breathe out the things weighing you down to get closer to your zen.

And if none of those things quite get you back to a full charge, there’s always a chance for a nice swim, a yoga class or finding a quiet spot to connect with nature and yourself. No matter where you fall on the introverted or extroverted spectrum there will be a place for you at LIB to call home.

Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Lock in your LIB passes today!