LIB Pro Camping Guide - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

LIB Pro Camping Guide

February 24th, 2020

Lightning in a Bottle is a fully immersive music festival and we encourage all of our attendees to camp onsite for the best, most authentic experience possible. We understand, 5 days sleeping in a tent may sound a little intimidating for anyone new to festival camping, but once you get the hang of it, camping at LIB can be one of the most memorable and rewarding parts of the entire weekend!

This guide is packed with all the advice needed to help you make the most out of your LIB camping experience. From prep and packing, to living your best tent-life onsite, these tried and true tips will have you camping like an LIB Pro in no time.

Pre-LIB Prep

Do Your Homework

The more prepared you are, the smoother your LIB will go! Read LIB’s website and your Arrival Guide for info on what to bring and what to leave at home. Check our Facebook group for advice from LIB veterans too.

End Single-Use

Remove any wrapping or packaging off all your food, drinks and gear before you pack. Avoid single-use items like plastic water bottles and opt for LIB Hydroflasks instead. They keep your drinks colder, and reduce cleanup time too! Fill em’ up!

Bring Compostable Food

Try packing foods that only generate compost – like bananas, avocado, and hard boiled eggs, instead of chips or candy to reduce plastic waste and feel better throughout LIB too! 

Make Sure Nothing’s Missing

Set up your campsite in your backyard and make sure your gear isn’t missing any tent poles, stakes, or other components. Make sure to test it out in the day – to see how your tent and holds up to the sun too. 

Label Everything 

No one wants to spend LIB checking in with lost and found 24/7. The best way not to lose something is to leave it at home or locked in your car, but if you can’t live without it, then make sure you label it or keep it in a fanny pack! Label your cell phone, wallet, tools, equipment, kitchen items, decor + more! 

Pack Light

At LIB, less is more. Save on those pesky baggage fees if you’re flying in. With more than enough amenities to keep you happy at the festival, it’s your wits and witticisms that you need to rely on, not endless amounts of stuff!

Catch a Ride

To keep emissions low and reduce the number of cars traveling to the festival, LIB institutes a $30 single occupant environmental impact fee for anyone driving to site solo. Solution? Make a friend in our Facebook Group and carpool together! Share the costs of the trip, as well as stories, snacks, and music knowledge. Besides – who doesn’t love a good road trip? 

Bring Plant-Based & Biodegradable Products

From plant-based deodorant for the mornings to biodegradable body wash for the showers, the opportunities to go plant-based are abundant. It’s just a matter of creativity!

Channel the Power of the Sun 

In the market for some new camping gear? Take advantage of that California sunshine – from rechargeable lights, portable chargers, speakers, and more, there are more solar-powered camping items out there than ever to help you curb waste and use the natural resources at your disposal. 

Shop Consciously

One of the most practical ways to lighten your load on the environment is to shop second-hand and minimize the demand and harmful effects of factories in the fast-fashion industry. Thrift stores and garage sales are filled with lightly used camping gear and unique ensembles to add to your festival costume chest.  Plus that feeling you get when you treasure hunt the exact item you’re looking for, all while saving money and the environment… ahhh, pure bliss! 

Setting Up Camp

Stake it Down 

The last thing you want to worry about at LIB is your tent or easy-up taking flight in a windstorm, cracking windshields and destroying your gear. The solution? Stake your sh*t down! Weighing your tent down with an air mattress works fine, until it doesn’t. Expect the unexpected and always secure your tent and shade structures firmly & don’t forget a hammer!

Keep it Cool 

Sleep is essential for your safety and self-care, even an extra hour or two can mean the difference between an AMAZING day and okay one. Don’t let the heat of the sun be the first thing that wakes you up. Throwing a tarp or thermal blanket over your tent before you go to sleep will help keep the morning heat at bay, making sleeping in tollerable. 

Light it Up 

Solar-powered lights elevate the vibe and make your campsite easy to find at night. Keeping your phone charged for its flashlight via power packs will surely help with lighting up the inside of your tents!

Clamp it On & Skip the Zips

Planning on hanging tapestries or lights? Spring clamps help for hanging things on EZ ups without wasting zip ties or putting holes in the things you’re hanging. Or, simply order some biodegradable zip ties. 

Learn the Landmarks

One of the funnest parts about LIB is seeing how people decorate their camps. While you explore, memorize landmarks from nearby camps to help make it easier to find your campsite when you come home late at night. The quicker you get to your campsite, the more time and energy you’ll have to take on the next day. 

What’s Good in Your Neighborhood?

Camplife at LIB is an experience unto itself! Get out there and see what’s poppin’ in your hood, meet your neighbors, and let the good vibes radiate!

While You’re Here

Sort Smart

Sorting machines at the recycling plant are often damaged or delayed when we place commonly confused items in the wrong bin. If you’re confused about exactly where things go, refer to the waste sorting guide located on all of the sorting bins through the festival, or don’t hesitate to ask a member of our Green Team!

Replenish with Electrolytes

Dehydration is no joke and it can put you out of commission for several days if you don’t manage your water intake at LIB. If you know you’re not the best at drinking water regularly, then Electrolytes should be an essential item on your packing list. Throw a handful in your bag or make it part of your festival morning routine by putting them near your toothbrush or sleeping space.

Look out for Future You 

Tearing up your tent at 4 am looking for your toothbrush or earplugs is never a fun way to end your evening.  Do yourself a favor before you head out at night and pull together everything you know you’re going to need when you’re finally ready sleep. Trust us when we say, you’re future self will thank you later. 

Maintenance your Cooler Daily

Food waste at festivals in abundance, thanks in large part to festival-goers forgetting to ice their coolers. The LIB sun is hot and it only takes one day for food and drinks to spoil. Fortunately, ice is sold in every campground plaza for most of the day so preserving your food and the money you spent on it is easy. Just work it into your morning routine and grab a bag after your morning trip to the potty.

Ditch the MOOP

MOOP is a nifty acronym that stands for Matter Out of Place and describes anything that is not originally from the place that it resides. Be cautious of all trash – including micro-trash like glow sticks, cigarette butts, and glitter – that comes from your campsite. Someone else will have to clean up everything you leave, so don’t leave it!

Pack It In, Pack It Out 

Cleaning up is always easier with a team! Make a plan for what each person in your campsite will help with to make overall cleanup easier. Bring extra garbage bags, sort your camp waste, and make sure to leave extra space in your car to haul it out. 

If you haven’t secured your 2020 LIB tickets the time is NOW!