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Compass Spotlight: Life Hacking & Beyond

March 26th, 2019

If there is one thing we can all agree upon, we certainly seem to be living in some wild times. These days, life requires us to navigate an ever complexifying landscape of technology, advertising targeted at our deepest dreams and fears, and contradictory advice on how to be healthy and happy. This year, The Compass is dedicated to bringing you some quality mentorship and clear guidance on how to sort through all the madness and become your very best self while living your very best life.

Theme #1: Expanding Consciousness

Into the MycoVerse: An Immersion Talk on Magic and Medicinal Mushrooms – Paul Stamets


From magic to medicinal mushrooms, the life of Paul Stamets has followed mycelial paths that have led to stunning breakthroughs. Join this engaging speaker, author, mycologist, medical researcher, and entrepreneur for an informative talk on mushrooms that aims to deepen your understanding and respect for the organisms that exist under every footstep.

His talk covers a range of mushroom species and new research showing how mushrooms can help the health of people and planet. Habitats have immune systems, just like people, and mushrooms are cellular bridges between the two. Our close evolutionary relationship to fungi can be the basis for novel pairings in the microbiome that lead to greater sustainability and immune enhancement. Join Paul for this journey into the MycoVerse, deepening our understanding of our planet and ourselves along the way. Be. Prepard. to. be. blown. Away.

Psychedelic State of the Union II: A Psychedelic New Deal –
Ismail Lourido Ali, JD & Liana Sananda Gillooly from MAPS

In the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt championed the “New Deal,” a series of programs, projects, and reforms aimed at “restoring prosperity” to Americans. Recently, almost 100 years later, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled the Green New Deal to mobilize the nation in response to the global climate crisis. These visionary, radical plans cover everything from art, to economics, to infrastructure, and expand our understanding of how a society can & should prepare its people for a new paradigm. As we grapple with increasing isolation, violence, and fear, the challenge and promise of that paradigm shift looms ever closer.

Reintegrating psychedelic substances into society with integrity is going to require a similarly visionary and radical plan, and the underground and mainstream must work together – with care, creativity, and accountability – to co-create and actualize this vision. In this dynamic presentation, Ismail and Liana of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) will discuss frameworks through which psychedelic substances – in contexts of medicine, sacrament, and personal growth – can be implemented in today’s world, from art, to economics, to infrastructure.

DreamHacking: Discovering Liminal Dreaming – Jennifer Dumpert

The focus of this workshop is learning how to linger in the visionary space of mind that lies between the poles of waking and sleep.  Participants will be led into hypnagogia using yoga nidra techniques. They will then learn a series of easy exercises for accessing liminal dream states on their own.

We’ll explore practical approaches for using dreams to play with the mind. We’ll also look at various ways to further delve into dream worlds, including the use of oneirogens—any herb, root, scent, sound or other substance that promotes vivid dreaming—as well as various forms of oneiromancy—divination using dreams—as used by traditional cultures. A brief review of the science behind dreaming will help participants how to practice dreamwork following their own energy rhythms and sleep patterns.

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Theme #2: Next Level Embodiment 

Joy of the Infinite: Experiencing Deathlessness – Jai Dev Singh


In this unique workshop with Jai Dev Singh, we will use the high-powered exercises and incredible meditations to activate your life-force and experience the part of you that never dies.

When you lift the life-force in the body so that it nurtures the higher glands, you can unlock a wellspring of energy that under normal circumstances remains unavailable.  It is an alchemy which causes the mind to look through the lens of heightened awareness. From this ‘high-altitude’ vantage point, you fall deeply in love with what you truly are.  This is the infinite well in which true confidence and beauty are born. A glow beams from the eyes, brightness emanates through the presence and a divine warmth emerges in the heart.

Desire and Intimacy: the Pleasure Paradox – Jaime Williams

Have you ever wondered how you can have both the passion and the love, the naughty and the nice, the spontaneous and the reliable? Have you ever gotten to the root of what informs your desire and what you are really looking for in the realm of intimacy? Join Jaime Williams, Certified Sex and Relationship Coach to uncover how we can cultivate the kind of intimacy that allows us to be more of ourselves in relationship and fuel the kind of desire that sustains erotic passion. Whether you are in a romantic partnership or you are navigating the rich territory of single life, this topic is for you.

Self-Love Rituals – Corinne Loperfido

A group sharing circle where we will be talking about masturbation! This open discussion will be a non-judgemental, no-pressure-to-share situation and in order to create a safe(r) container, this workshop is only open to those who were raised with female conditioning in their childhood and who have a pussy, regardless of their current gender or sexual preference. This is a space for us to un-learn the negative patterns that we have been taught about how to view our genitals and our pleasure and create a new narrative where self-love and sensuality are at the core.

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Theme #3: Navigating with Mastery

How Artificial Children Frame Our World: Is AI Sustainable? – Dr. De-Kai & Dr. Nathan Walworth

Climate Futurist, Dr. Nathan Walworth, will interview global AI expert, Dr. De Kai. Sticky questions with major consequences for humanity are tackled in this provocative talk with De Kai who pioneered web translation utilized by the likes of Google/Microsoft/Yahoo translators.

Will machine intelligence ultimately be different from humans’ in how they feel and think about things? What does artificial mindfulness mean for the future of human culture? How should the moral and ethical implications guide AI research labs like De Kai’s at HKUST (Hong Kong) and ICSI (Berkeley) in machine learning, natural language processing, music AI, computational creativity, cultural technology, and empathetic AI? What are Artificial Children?

All of these questions will be answered and more as we delve deep into the future.

Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe – Roger McNamee

Roger McNamee was an early mentor to Mark Zuckerberg and the author of the new book “Zucked.” He will discuss the history and future of Facebook, and how a company set up to make the world more open and connected is now dealing with criticism that it has undermined American democracy, created social anomie, and abetted genocide. How did Facebook become what it is today? Is it truly fixing its problems now? And where is it going next?

Activating Vortex Centers of the World – J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

From India to Egypt and on to Mexico and the ancient Indian lands of the Southwest, we will glimpse the wisdom behind the cultures of these ancient areas. We will also use collectively their Sacred expressions with advanced meditation techniques to take the audience on a global journey of the soul.

We will guide you through the Sacred Geometries of the ancient sites and show how the wisdom keepers created these sites as morphogenetic doors for higher consciousness linkages with the stars. In our travel around the world, we will begin to understand the hidden mysteries of our ancestors and how these areas are vortex points, ‘chronomonitors’, awakening us to our cosmic heritage.

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