Live Acts to Catch at LIB - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Live Acts to Catch at LIB

April 1st, 2019

LIB 2019 is approaching and we can’t wait for you to experience this year’s lineup! While you are getting ready and excited, we want to share a little more about this year’s live performers. Live performances provide artists and audiences an opportunity to connect beyond the simple act of listening. Whether it is a live band or live electronic experience, the moment is that much more special when artists get to share the intentions behind the music in an engaging way. Here are some live acts you do not want to miss!

Big Gigantic

Colorado-based electronic music duo, Big Gigantic, has made a name for themselves in the electronic dance scene. The duo is known for their robust beats and bass lines as well as grooving saxophone melodies. Additionally, with their inviting dance beats and emphasis on experiential performances, the group has made waves throughout the festival circuit. Catch Big Gigantic at the Lightning Stage this May!

Toro y Moi

Chaz Bundick from South Carolina is the brains behind the rise of chillwave and his own musical project Toro y Moi. Chiefly, Bundwick is regarded for his adaptable musicality and multi-instrumentality, as evidenced through Toro y Moi’s evolution of musical styles between albums. His work has ranged from dream-like chillwave, to guitar-heavy pop melodies, to ambient chill R&B. Certainly, Toro y Moi’s shapeshifting abilities are a testament to his musical virtuosity. You will not want to miss him at the Lightning Stage this year!


This Texas-based trio revitalizes a nostalgic Thai funk and Surf Psych style with their laid-back tunes. The name “Khruangbin” is Thai for “Engine Fly”, a tribute to the shared admiration of 60s and 70s Thai funk cassettes that brought these artists together. Furthermore, their collective backgrounds cover a variety of influences with a foundation in Soul and R&B. In 2013, Bonobo included “A Calf is Born” from their debut album in his LateNightTales mix. In 2016, the group opened for Father John Misty on his Europe tour. Following this success, Khruangbin’s second album “Con Todo el Mundo” released in 2018. Be sure to check out their set at the Lightning Stage at LIB 2019!


Formed in Los Angeles in the mid-90s, Ozomatli blends latin salsa, hiphop, jazz-funk, and reggae into their unique music style. This band is known for their activist messages and musical range, while remaining rooted in Latin/Chicano themes. Be sure to find Grammy award winning Ozomatli at the Grand Artique!

Rising Appalachia

This sister music duo from Georgia utilizes the folk genre to speak on social issues and creative expression. Growing up in Atlanta, soul and hip hop were major influences, but after spending time with musicians in rural Appalachia, the sisters realized their love for Southern folk music. Pulling from their roots, Rising Appalachia merges elements from the American South with folk, world instruments, and modern sounds and styles to make music with a message. As a result of their unique influences, these two sing to the beat of their own drum, often circulating around themes of political and social change. Experience their eclectic sounds at the Lightning Stage and Grand Artique!

Jan Blomqvist + Band

This band, headed by singer and songwriter Jan Blomqvist, blends sophisticated tech-house beats with gentle pop melodies. Blomqvist elegantly produces minimalism, while also maintaining complexity in his light, melancholic tracks. Additionally, Blomqvist often performs with pianist Felix Lehmann and drummer Christian Dammann. Come enjoy this artist’s dreamy vocals and crisp house percussion at the Lightning Stage!


Manchester-based performer and producer Matt Brewer is the talent behind Frameworks. This artist’s music dances across downtempo, organic house, and hip hop genres. Frameworks produces elegant compositions of strings, bass, and vocals. Now Frameworks is making his way within the U.S. festival circuit. Touring with drummer Cory Eberhard, violinist Jessica Borth, and bassist Keith Thomas, Frameworks introduces a new depth to his live performances. Catch Frameworks on the Lightning and Grand Artique Stages!


ÌFÉ is a progressive musical project headed by Puerto Rico based African American drummer/producer/singer Oturo Mun. Fusing contemporary elements of electronic music with dancehall influences and the Afro-Carribean language, ÌFÉ offers a unique culturally-based oratory experience. Moreover, Mun, himself is an Ìfa priest who implements much of his spirituality into his creative process. Experience ÌFÉ’s enlightening sounds at the Lightning Stage!


From Bavaria, Germany, Lorenz Brunner is the DJ and producer behind musical project Recondite. This artist’s sound is best described as intricate and melodic, yet somber, techno. Although his pieces seem more minimalistic, Recondite naturally introduces graceful variations that intertwine with a consistent bass line. His music shows full emotion and story, while also creating an airy atmosphere and solid dance beat. Check out Recondite’s set at the Woogie Stage!

Akae Beka

Akae Beka is a roots reggae band from the U.S. Virgin Islands that makes music for a higher purpose. Founded in 2015 by members of the group Midnite, Akae Beka creates music that provokes thought, feeds the soul, and inspires growth. As a result of a living a spiritually connected life, lead singer Vaughn Benjamin brings a lot of spiritual teachings into his music. In essence, Benjamin sees music as a means to connect to the earth, to your path, and to inspire personal growth. The music of Akae Beka is calming with light mallet and percussion laying below melodic vocals. Unwind to the sounds of Akae Beka at Compass Music!