Discover Love Differently - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Love in all forms at LIB

April 3rd, 2019

You might say a music festival is a strange place to meet the love of your life-

that is, until Lightning in a Bottle.

Here at LIB you can find your soulmate, establish lifelong friendships and strengthen relationships with those you arrive with, and discover the truths of yourself. Whether you are falling in love or finding self-love, LIB is home to love-love of all kinds!

LIB – where love is blossoming

“Without a doubt, the best thing that happened to me throughout LIB was love. I wasn’t searching for it, I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but it happened. She came crashing in to my life like such an electric force; kind of like a lightning in a bottle if you will.”

Andrew was on his journey over to the Favela stage. Once he arrived at his destination, he climbed up one of the treehouses to meet his best friend, Wes, who was chatting it up with “amazing Australians.” Joining such an innocent interaction, little did Andrew know he was going to meet the love of his life, Emily.

“She asked me if I wanted to come have a ‘little boogie’ with her, and I thought it was the cutest phrase I had ever heard for someone asking me to dance. We danced the entire night away and had an absolute blast.

As the night was coming to an end, Andrew and Emily didn’t get the chance to exchange any contact information. The following day Andrew was unsure if he would come across Emily ever again but as he headed to the Woogie stage with his friends, sure enough there was Emily.

“She was dancing in the front with the biggest smile on her face; so full of life. We made eye contact and immediately kissed. It just felt so right being around her.”

Andrew, 2018

As they boogie’d the weekend away together, their love blossomed in the hands of Lightning in a Bottle.

LIB – where friendships flourish

Whether you LIB with a festival squad or travel alone, LIB brings people together from all around the world and creates friendships beyond the festival.

“I bought a LIB ticket without knowing anyone but my best friend… and in the end, I came out of this festival with 40 new friends from all over the U.S. and world.”

Kain, 2018

Cecilia decided to attend LIB after her initial plans fell through with her group. She was skeptical of attending a festival alone, but ending up having “the best weekend of her life.”

When she first arrived to the festival grounds she wondered how she was going to make her campsite by herself. When she started to unload her stuff she bumped into her neighbors who immediately stopped what they were doing to help her out. From there, they took in Cecilia as their own.

“Kelly, Johnathan, Daniel, and Dee are the best things I got from LIB. This is why I say thank you LIB. You guys gave me forever friends! I’ve known them for less than a month but I feel like it has been a lifetime. We group text every day. They have become such important parts to my heart and soul!!”

Cecilia, 2018

LIB – where self-love is found

Have you found yourself getting lost in the real world? LIB helps you escape by introducing a new perspective of life, love, and happiness.

Beyond meeting the love of your life and developing new friendships, LIB helps you become one with yourself. LIB will unmask your self-confidence by fueling your soul with nothing but good vibes.

“My experience at Lightning in a Bottle was not about the specific artists, or food I experienced, or being surrounded by art. My experience was that Lightning in a Bottle was the space in which I found the artist in myself, the walking art that I am, fueled by the food I take in. It freed me from negativity, it made me realize my delicate touch and tough soul. If I had not of had the space provided by Lightning in a Bottle, my mind may have never wandered into searching for the beautiful answers to my life I didn’t even know I was looking after.”

Jasmine, 2017

Colin ending up separating from his group to adventure on his own. During his journey, he came across insightful individuals who encouraged him to let go of the stress that has been engulfing his energy. At this moment Colin was able to rejuvenate his soul and discover the truths within himself.

“Life, it turns out, is too short to care much about what others think about you. I’ve come into a place of self love, selfless giving, and abundance. My spirit is stronger than ever thanks to the healing at LIB, and I cannot wait to return home next year.”

Colin, 2018

“LIB-where we receive love and give back twice as much”

Lauren, 2019