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Body, Mind, Self-Care at LIB

March 22nd, 2018 - Grace Murao

LIB prides itself in providing attendees with a mindful, health-conscious festival lifestyle. We believe that the festival experience should encompass more than just music and entertainment but also opportunities for learning, caring, and healing. We strive to do so by offering self-care practices through food, body, and mind.


You are what you eat! The nutrients in the food you ingest are an integral part of your growth, development, and maintenance of body functions!

At LIB, we offer workshops at the Learning Kitchen to spread conscious eating and cooking. Remember your body is a temple, and health starts from the inside out! These workshops will help you be mindful of the food choices you make, how they affect your body, and the well-being of animals and our planet as a whole. Check out BodyMind and Eating, Soulful Sprouting and browse the entire Learning Kitchen lineup HERE.

If cooking isn’t your forte, LIB’s Marketplace offers an extensive array of conscious cuisine from over 50 hand-selected food vendors, all catering to a range of dietary preferences while keeping taste buds satisfied! Try something new and delicious, like different international cuisine, sustainable locally-sourced dishes, or yummy plant-based foods. For dessert, cool down with a delicious date smoothie or an organic shaved ice with no artificial flavors or preservatives.


Yoga, meditation, and exercise are great ways to heal tired festival bodies, and we got your back (literally). Whether you’re a first-timer or advanced in your practice, the wide variety of classes and experiences offered at LIB welcome everyone to go deep and move out of their comfort zones.

The opportunity to move is not only on the dance floor; it’s right there on your yoga mat, on the soles of your feet, and palms of your hands! Attend a Kundalini Activation class lead by yogi Jai Dev Singh or find your flow with Hoopalicious. The wide range of experiences, from Deep Exhale with Marques Wyatt and Cristi Christensen to Vinyasa, Meditation Mountain to Ecstatic Dance with Dragonfly and more.

If your body is in need of something a little gentler and more therapeutic, The Haven is LIB’s hub for all things Healing Arts.  Located on the Compass Peninsula, The Haven hosts trained therapists and world-class practitioners in an array of modern and ancient modalities, offering affordable sessions throughout the weekend such as massage, acupressure, oracles and energy work.  Come soothe your soul, nourish those aching muscles, reboot, and recharge! Be sure to book treatments in advance as they fill up fast!

Sometimes all it takes to revitalize the body is to simply spend some time in the water! So bring your swimsuits and towels and take a dip in the lake or hop in a relaxing shower. LIB highly encourages attendees to participate in swimming and/or showering to cool down from the sweltering heat.


At LIB, we emphasize the importance of mental health! Peace of mind is the ultimate state of pure happiness and bliss! LIB’s Self-Love and Healing workshops provide ample opportunities for mind expansion and growth.

LIB is a center of learning and culture, and taking the time to expand your mind through workshops like The Gaia Connection at the Healing Arts Study or attending talks like Rational Compassion, Impact, and Fulfillment at the Culture Hub will allow your experience to continue outside of the festival.

Attending a music festival can be very stimulating and requires a lot of stamina and energy. Learning about your inner magic at the Cauldron or talks like Intersectional Healing & Intentional Celebration with Psychedelics can help you rest your body, refocus your mind, and reactivate your inner strength!

In addition to LIB’s extensive Learning and Culture lineup, we also provide safe spaces to unwind and decompress. The Zendo Project is an area designed for comfort, and if you or a friend are distressed in any way, the professionals there are trained to offer support and specialized mental care.