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How to Spice up Your Campsite

December 7th, 2019

Your camp at LIB is your home base in between all of the bold adventures waiting for you out in the festival grounds. The thought of setting up a stand-out camp at a festival might seem daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, you definitely don’t have to shell out the cash to set up the ultimate campsite. Whether you’re establishing a cozy safe haven or an eclectic artsy escape, there are plenty of ways that both LIB newbies and veterans can turn their tent into a home while being conscious, affordable, and sustainable. We’ve got some pointers for you to keep in mind while you plan your camping experience so you can spice up your campsite for an ultra-special LIB.

Photo by Dan Krauss

Use What You’ve Got

You’d be surprised at the items you already own which would make great additions to your campsite. Dust off your favorite Christmas string lights a few months early and pull out your favorite patterned blankets, sheets, or tapestries for some effortless decoration items. Hang them around your tent or EZ-up for a simple way to liven up your area, while also being functional by providing extra light and shelter to the space. For another tip, use clamps or clips instead of wasteful, one-use zip-ties when you’re hanging things up to stay green while you avoid damaging your items with holes.

Leave a Landmark

Pitching up a personalized landmark at your campsite is both functional and expressive. A high-flying flag or totem pinpoints your camp from a distance with style and helps you avoid getting lost in a sea of tents and EZ-ups. Pack a flag that symbolizes your culture, or create a totem featuring some original art to show off your unique identity, personality, and taste. Using recycled materials to make a DIY totem is always a great idea to stay green while making your mark at LIB. Collect empty cans, cardboard scraps, worn-out pool noodles, and other materials that can easily be put together for an eco-friendly, inexpensive totem on the fly.

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle

You don’t have to shell out the big bucks to create your perfect camp! Try making a stop at a local thrift store before you visit any full-price retailers for new items. Thrifting and upcycling items is not only beneficial for your wallet, but beneficial for the environment as well. By giving a second chance to an item instead of letting it pile up in a landfill, you can help mitigate some of the material waste produced within our country year after year. Visit your favorite local second-hand store to find a camping chair that still has life left or a funky blanket you can throw on the floor and use as a rug. You never know what you might find, as there are endless possibilities for reusing and repurposing thrifted items that will end up saving you cash and helping the Earth.

Photo by Aaron Gautschi

Solar-Powered Power

If you’re in the market for some new camping gear and willing to make an investment, harness the power of the sun for an enhanced, eco-friendly camping experience! There are plenty of solar-powered camping items out there at various price points to make your camp functional and cozy without relying on wasteful batteries and huge generators. Solar power is abundant at the LIB grounds and is a great alternative source of energy to support anyone’s camp experience. From rechargeable lights, portable chargers, speakers, and more, there are more solar-powered camping items out there than ever to help you curb waste and use the natural resources at your disposal.

Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Unpack Your Personality

Ultimately, the best accessory to complete any campsite is you! A smile is all it takes to liven up a space, no matter if you’re flying solo, socializing with new friends, snuggled with your significant other, or squeezed in a tent with your best buds. You have the ability to contribute to the unique LIB camping experience for yourself and others, so meet your neighbors or explore the grounds for fulfilling moments of social connection and unity. Let your vibrant personality and good vibes radiate throughout your campsite for the most impactful and personalized touch possible.