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Upgrade Your LIB With Early Arrival!

May 15th, 2018 - LIB

LIB Pro’s know, Early Arrival is the only way to go when it comes to planning your LIB adventure. Not only do you get to bypass the big Thursday ingress line, but you also get first dibs on prime camping real-estate, access to exclusive programming plus an extra day to just kick back and relax with the LIB community. Learn more about the perks below and grab your Early Arrival Passes today!


Enter LIB with Ease & Settle in with Time to Relax

No need to rush on Wednesday! With Early Arrival you can cruise right to your spot, set up camp, and kick up your feet as the rest of your fellow LIB fam meanders casually into the festival grounds. Once your camp dialed in, let the adventure begin!


Location, Location, Location

New in 2018, Early Arrival purchasers will now get access to camp in two additional lakeside campgrounds, in addition to The Highgrounds. Bass Grounds and The Oasis Campground will now be open and ready to receive eager campers starting Wednesday, providing prime LIB real estate to those first arriving. Whether you’re a hilltop dweller or a lakeside lounger, Early Arrival now provides camping choices for every preference.

Get Your Early Arrival Passes!

As if prime camping wasn’t enough, read the other perks that come along when you go Early Arrival at LIB 2018!



Full Access to Wednesday & Thursday Programming

Early Arrival gives you exclusive access to programming that will only be available on Wednesday including Opening Ceremony, Workshops, Talks & More. Come Thursday, while the majority of LIB’ers are driving to the venue, waiting to get in and setting up camp, Early Arrivers can start enjoying a full day of programming & fun including:

Wednesday Programming:

  • Traditional Mayan Cacao Ceremony led by Tata Pedro Cruz and his daughter Marina Cruz who are visiting us from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. (Wednesday 5/23 at the Beacon 7pm to 9pm).
  • Join DJ Baeu Sebastian as he pairs deep, ambient, world and house music with yoga. (Wednesday 5/23 at Yoga Sol 6:30pm to 8:00pm)
  • Enjoy a movie screening by Louis Schwarzberg. It is 4-part series, Nature’s Wonders, presented in Ultra HD 4K, that captures the beauty and majesty of Deserts, Flowers, Oceans and Forests, accompanied by a soaring soundtrack. (Wednesday 5/23 at the Beacon 9:15pm)

Thursday Programming:

  • Nicole Brors will teach us how to make a variety of drinks, smoothies, juices, and elixirs that nourish, energize and re-balance the mind and body. (Thursday 5/24 at The Learning Kitchen 12 pm to 1:30 pm)
  • Kaypacha will give us an astrological overview of 2018 and beyond. (Thursday 5/24 at the Beacon – 3:30pm to 4:45pm)
  • Lakeside Launch Party x Desert Hearts Takeover (Thursday 5/24 – 11am to 5pm)
  • Opening Ceremony with the Wisdom Council (Thursday 5/24 at the Beacon 6pm to 7pm)
  • 80’s Prom Party (Thursday 5/24 at Favela – 12am)

Enjoy these offerings & many more! Schedule coming soon.



Plot Your Missions with an Early Lay of the LIB Land

With your camp set up, you’ll have ample time to wander the festival grounds before the majority of attendees arrive. Get the lay of the land and find out which spaces will be home bases during LIB. Take this time to ponder the connections and shenanigans that you plan on creating during the next five days!
Showing up on Wednesday gives you the unique opportunity to watch us put the finishing touches on our newest iconic structures! Take a moment to revel in the creation of the amazing structures that will be a defining part of your LIB experience.

Hang with Friends & Get to Know New LIB’ers

There’s nothing like planting the seed of friendship early! With Early Arrival, you’ll have extra time to chill with your campmates plus show your camp neighbors some love and turn those strangers into friends with a quickness. Get acquainted and get ready to squad up for the rest of the weekend!

Go Early Arrival Today!