Android Jones' MOVA & Alex Grey + Allyson Grey Just Announced! - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Android Jones’ MOVA & Alex Grey + Allyson Grey Just Announced!

January 30th, 2020

LIB’s fully immersive nature makes it one of the greatest places to see and experience visionary art. Much like LIB, visionary art encourages transformation through unity, love, and expansion, celebrating the collision of the individual experience and the universal consciousness. When combined together, they’re a psychedelic match made in festival heaven.

We are thrilled to announce this year’s visionary art programming, welcoming back Android Jones’ MOVA Experience and creative pioneers Alex Grey & Allyson Grey to LIB 2020! Attendees will be able to participate in an array of interactive experiences and programming happening throughout the weekend including talks, workshops, and more. 

Read more about the artist’s individual offerings below and get a taste of what you can expect this Memorial Day Weekend!

MOVA Gallery featuring Android Jones

The MOVA Gallery returns to LIB for the first time since 2017! MOVA is an immersive visual experience and art gallery featuring a full 360° dome projection system, gallery giftshop and more. The curated gallery features cutting-edge contemporary psychedelic artwork across a diverse range of media including digital, fine art and sculptural elements. 

Android Jones has been working with Do LaB and LIB since 2010 and we are honored to have him back for another year.

About the artist: 

Lyons, Colorado-born independent artist Android Jones operates a traditional/digital art studio in a repurposed barn on his family farm. He has been studying and creating art for over 30 years as a student, portrait and concept artist, music collaborator, and digital art pioneer. His most recent works focus on immersive technology including 360 dome shows and virtual reality experiences. 

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Alex Grey and Allyson Grey will be participating in a variety of interactive programming throughout the weekend including:

  • Live painting on stage with Emancipator – Watch Alex Grey & Allyson Grey paint live on the Lightning Stage to the beautiful sweeping soundscapes of Emancipator.
  • Visionary Culture -A Talk by Alex Grey & Allyson Grey – The human urge to achieve altered states of consciousness through ingesting sacramental, mind-expanding substances is as old as history itself, from the cradles of Eastern and Western civilizations to contemporary trance and neo-shamanic subcultures. Plant medicines and chemical epiphanies have catalyzed a natural drive to risk hell to experience heaven, a drive that has unfolded into a modern day spiritual movement.  In this presentation, visionary artists Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, will trace generations of God seekers, offering extraordinary visual examples of inner journeys by masterful portrayals of mystic realms.   
  • Visionary Art Hour at the ArtClave – Through an illustrated look at Visionary Art History, a drawing practice and group interaction, we will taste the process of bringing our heart’s iconography to outer form. Utilizing basic materials, we will commit mental pictures to paper and discuss the aesthetic dimension of the mystical experience. Explore art as a spiritual path. Join the charged vortex of your imagination to empower a creative breakthrough. Bring pens, pencils and a sketchbook, if you can. Basic materials will be available.

About the artists:

The mystic paintings of Alex Grey articulate realms of psychedelic visionary consciousness, revealing interwoven energies of body and soul, love and spirit, illuminating the anatomical core of each being. 

Allyson Grey is a dedicated painter and social sculptor. Allyson’s renowned paintings represent chaos, order and secret writing, an essentialized world view symbolizing the material world, the interconnected realm of energy and light and the sacred secret language of creative expression. Together the Grey’s co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, (CoSM;, a spiritual creative retreat center outside of New York City. As long-time advocates of “cognitive liberty,” a growing international “sacramental culture” has embraced the Grey’s as important mapmakers and spokespersons for the visionary realm. The Grey’s, with their team, are currently building Entheon, a Visionary Art sanctuary in the Hudson Valley of New York.